MLB Concussion Update #2

It is just before the All-Star Break, seems good enough time to update the concussion list for Major League baseball.  Last year at this time there were five players that had been diagnosed concussions, our first update of the season this year matched that number.

I cannot explain the relative increase in concussions versus last year, as the sport of baseball is not a “high producer” of this injury.  In my opinion it boils down to awareness of the injury and the team/players being more willing to rest the concussion.  If the hopes of the new 7-day DL was to expose and protect all the concussions it seems to be working, to this point.

There has been a 100% increase in concussions compared to last season at this time, as there are now 10 players who have been diagnosed with a concussion, list below;

  1. Robinson Chirinos – Tampa Bay – 3/14/12
  2. Eric Chavez – Yankees – 5/2/12
  3. Josh Thole – Mets – 5/6/12
  4. Ryan Sweeny – Boston – 5/21/12
  5. Carlos Santana – Cleveland – 5/26/12
  6. Bobby Wilson – Los Angeles Angels – 6/4/12
  7. Fernando Martinez – Houston – 6/9/12
  8. Jason Bay – New York Mets – 6/17/12
  9. Franklin Gutierrez – Seattle – 6/28/12
  10. Zack Cozart – Cincinnati – 7/2/12

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