Summer Vacation Ramblings

Over the past few years during the months of June and July there is relatively “slow” news coming out about concussions and research.  Never fear I will keep my ear to the ground.  However since it tends to be slower now – keep checking the comment section Concerned Mom seems to find them all – I will be posting random things; maybe humor, maybe thoughts on other things (I will not wade into politics).  I most likely will stick to thinks I know.

Here is my first contribution to the “Ramblings” section, a YouTube video that makes me laugh!

2 thoughts on “Summer Vacation Ramblings

  1. Scott L. Bruce June 7, 2012 / 08:32

    Are you going to be in St. Louis for the NATA Convention? I would love to meet you sometime and talk concussions.
    Scott L. Bruce

    • Dustin Fink June 7, 2012 / 15:14

      Life has gotten in the way of attending the meetings… However if interest is good enough I may head on down a night, only a couple hours drive for me…

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