2012 MLB Concussion Update #1

Last season there were 15 concussions in MLB according to our findings, making it the most concussed year in MLB history.   We surmised that this is mainly due to the actual awareness of the injury rather than an increase in the injury.  One aspect of the concussion issue and baseball is that the 7-day DL seems to be making an impact; it seems that teams are more likely to sit a player with a concussion with the intermediate list.  The conspiracy theorist in me would tell you that teams are now more likely to actually diagnose a concussion because of the 7-day DL; where as before they would call it something else.

The quarter pole has been passed and the unofficial start to summer has come and gone, here is where we stand with the concussions in MLB; (I am surely missing some, let me know)

  1. Robinson Chirinos – Tampa Bay – 3/14/12
  2. Eric Chavez – Yankees – 5/2/12
  3. Josh Thole – Mets – 5/6/12
  4. Ryan Sweeny – Boston – 5/21/12
  5. Carlos Santana – Cleveland – 5/26/12

Last season about this time there were three concussions, including Brian Roberts’ injury, who is just now working his way back to the MLB level.

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