2012 Footy Concussion Report #1

There may not be any posts about Australian Rules Football concussions to this point but we have been watching.  As you have seen in previous days the press in Australia is starting to report more and more the issues with concussions, something that was absent the past few years.  As it stands now the AFL has 21 listed concussions, up from 11 this time last year.

Heading into this expansion season I was looking forward to the better reporting of concussions in the AFL.  Last year the league and press drew harsh criticism from me for what I believed to be intentionally hiding the injury.  Heck the ‘Super Footy’ section of the press stopped reporting ALL injuries for a four-week period as I was posting the injuries, and when it returned it was EXTREMELY rare to find anyone listed as a concussion so we turned to another website called Sportal.  As the season progressed we found more concussions and by the end of the season last year we had our first picture of footy concussions over a season.  Looking back one of the primary problems discovered and remedied by seasons end was the high number of facial fractures that seemed to be overriding a concussion, hence the need for Fink’s Rule.

It is now 2012, with the heightened awareness there is hope that a “truer” picture of AFL concussions can be taken…  and the season started out promising with 21 listed concussions over the first six weeks (preseason and training included 18 in season).  However in week number seven, the same week the Australian press started to clamor about the concussion issue, ZERO concussions.

As we enter week number eight, it will be interesting if we see a decline once again as the ‘heat’ has been turned up, for reference there were four concussions in week eight last year.  Speaking of last year, even though there was zero reported this past week the number of concussions – 21 is nearly double what it was this time last year – 11.

I don’t foresee a doubling of concussions from last year (46), however I do see a significant increase…  IF THE LEAGUE, PLAYERS AND PRESS COVER THE INJURY CORRECTLY.

3 thoughts on “2012 Footy Concussion Report #1

  1. A Concerned Mom May 17, 2012 / 12:32

    Doctor fears contentious concussion laws …


    “NSW doctor David Givney fears the game’s contentious concussion laws could force him to prematurely sideline one of his players during Wednesday night’s fiery Origin opener against Queensland.

    “If someone gets knocked out in Origin, we’re in strife,” Givney admitted. “The onus is heightened because it’s a major game. If someone gets knocked out in a grand final, are they going to stick to exactly the same rules as if you are playing at Campbelltown Oval or Shark Park?””

  2. A Concerned Mom May 20, 2012 / 18:11

    Hard Knocks – Four Corners – includes interviews with McKee, Cantu, Nowinski, Stern and covers cutting edge technology.


    “Using new imaging technology it’s possible to examine not just the structure of the brain but to see how its function is changing. Some researchers now believe that a player doesn’t have to sustain repeated concussions to risk permanent brain damage, but that repeated sub-concussive impact affecting the brain can be enough. The research has major implications for young players:

    “We found it in a 17 year old football player, an 18 year old, we found it pretty extensive in a 21 year old, so it’s helped people realise that it’s not just a pro-athlete problem, that you’re more vulnerable when you’re young anyway and so we’re clearly giving this disease to children who don’t understand what they’re even getting into.””

    “”I think that we need to be pretty careful how we interpret the (US research) because their game is completely different, you know? The aim of their game is to actually crash into each other with their heads you know, so potentially players are playing concussed. We don’t have any such thing in our game and we take any head contact very seriously.” Rugby League doctor.”

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