Ray Lucas Concussion Recall

In this quick video Ray Lucas, former NY Jets quarterback, recalls a concussion he had in a game.  Obviously this was prior to what we know now and it illustrates how bad it truly was.  The important take-away from this is that we can no longer handle concussions this way, ESPECIALLY in adolescent football.  However it would be a complete farce to think this still does not happen.

One thought on “Ray Lucas Concussion Recall

  1. A Concerned Mom May 8, 2012 / 09:25

    I don’t really understand why doctors didn’t warn this high school athlete that he needed to be careful about sustaining additional concussions (multiple concussions throughout his life, beginning prior to the 5th grade when he started football).


    “When Smith’s parents took him to see a medical professional, his past doctor’s reports revealed he had multiple concussions throughout his life, many before he even started high school. The doctors told him that one more hit could cause brain damage or put him into a coma, he said.

    “To think that Brad had that many hits with that many possibilities of concussions and what this last hit could’ve been, really scares me,” his mother, Cherie Smith said.

    “I didn’t really know that concussions can build up and keep getting worse and worse,” Brad said.”

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