This is a Current Treatment for the Concussive Episode

First and foremost there is no “scientific” evidence of actual medical effectiveness with the product, however there has been recent and popular observational data to suggest that this modality and product may help.  The said product is the GyroStim;

The GyroStim™ is a fully automated, computer-controlled multi-axis rotating chair. Its spacious design is comfortable and safe, and can accommodate many types of individuals ranging from small children to elite athletes to those with significant disabilities.

I bet any sports fan out there has seen it, it was highlighted in the recovery of Sidney Crosby and most recently another NHL star Guillaume Latendresse of the Minnesota Wild.  The thought process is that when a concussion occurs one of the systems affected is the vestibular.  For the layman the vestibular system is responsible for our awareness in space using very fine and specific equipment in the inner ear.  Imagine when you were younger and had just gotten out of a pool from swimming and had water in your ears, then you decided to shake your head or run real fast and found yourself “a bit off”.  This is similar in nature with a concussion, the violent forces to the head can create a disruption of this system, some times even moving crystals around.  Many think this is the primary reason for unsteadiness and balance disturbance after the brain injury.

Maybe it is just snake-oil they are selling here, or it is another tool for the rehabilitation team for those suffering the lingering effects of a concussion.  Certainly this training can benefit the vestibular system, the only issue I see here is cost, just because there is no scientific backing at this time.  Regardless it is worth a looking into.


3 thoughts on “This is a Current Treatment for the Concussive Episode

  1. K May 10, 2012 / 09:12

    Price is not an issue when it comes to gaining even 25 – 50% of your life back. You will always find a way when it’s your quality of life that is compromised. The price is also inexpensive when you look at how long these doctors are spending with the patients. (This is not your 15min Neurologist appointment. This is hours of time over a 5-day week). This is a treatment in which dramatic results are being seen with no drugs or surgeries. Who wouldn’t want that?

    I understand that this would be difficult to understand if you are not the individual that suffers from these injuries. We are often blinded by selfishness and naive minds until we walk the path of the injured and experience it for ourselves.

    I suffered a brain injury 3yrs ago and have seen dramatic improvements as a result of the Gyrostim treatments at Life University. These are the doctors that are hero’s giving us hope where regular MD’s gave us none. It is the combination of these doctors and the Gyrostim treatments that our giving us our lives back. Keep your minds open and believe those that have witnessed the wonders of these treatments.

    Live and Love Always.

    • jf bourget December 17, 2012 / 20:11

      hi I’had 2 concussions and I need help maybe this is what I need ! how much is it ?

      • Kelly Twohey-Byrne September 16, 2013 / 21:29

        I am a PT in Houston, TX and have worked with brain injury patients for 25 years. I have worked with many post concussion/mild BI patients including service men and women, athletes, and other who have been involved in traumatic events. The vestibular system is complex but I have treated them successfully resolving their headaches, dizziness, visuo-vestibular/vestibular symptoms allowing them to return to school, work, sports, active duty.
        This was all done without the use of the GyroStim! I am not saying that the GyroStim doesn’t work but I am saying that it isn’t necessary.

        If you have sustained a concussion, if you are suffering with headaches, dizziness, inability to track with your eyes to read/concentrate, etc, etc successfully, there is hope and you DON’T have to use the GyroStim to resolve your symptoms.

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