It is a coalition of sorts, really it is a foundation for awareness, Coalition for Concussion Treatment.  Using the background and subject matter of the current litigation of the NFL Brewer Sports International has created a hashtag to help increase awareness, especially today during the NFL Draft.  Below is a synopsis of what and why they are doing it;

Concussions have been prevalent in sport since their inception, but little was known about the severe short and long-term effects they can bring upon an athlete. The topic of concussions in sport, from youth to professional leagues, is one of the most talked about injuries in relation to the sports community, especially in our country’s most popular professional league, the NFL. 

As of April 13th, 2012, the number of lawsuits filed against the NFL regarding concussions has topped 1,200 with the number growing by the day. These lawsuits consist of both current and former players who have been affected by the numerous symptoms from sustaining concussions during their careers. The most alarming aspect of these cases is the negligence that the National Football League has taken over the years in not fully explaining the long-term health effects as well as suppressing evidence of those effects.  

Many men who abused their bodies to help bring the National Football League to where it is today are paying the price. These men deserve a voice. The men who currently still play in the National Football League need to be even more aware of the damaging post career threats concussions impose. There is no better time than now to bring awareness regarding concussions and their damaging effects to the public. Having these issues swept “under the rug” is doing a major disservice not only to current and former players and their families, but it is setting an unfavorable example to both youth and high school sports leagues across the country. 

This is an issue that needs to be brought to the NFL and the public attention in a drastic way. We need YOUR support to help bring the proper awareness this issue deserves. The “Coalition for Concussion Treatment” was created behind the concept of creating a viral campaign through twitter and various social media outlets to help ignite awareness of the severity of concussions and enhance treatment efforts using the hashtag #C4CT. Signing this petition serves as a method to spread the word of #C4CT through your social networks which can potentially reach millions across the country. 

The link to the online petition is HERE.  Using the hastag find and check out their facebook page and if you can #C4CT it all day when you are talking draft, let’s try to get it trending!


One thought on “#C4CT

  1. Richard Smith April 26, 2012 / 09:02

    A great cause. The NFL should really jump on this campaign! Would love to know how to get more involved!

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