The Continuation of NFL Concussion Litigation

Paul Anderson of NFL Concussion Litigation has been busy cataloging more and more filed lawsuits that relate to concussions and the NFL.  From the Twitter feed of @PaulD_Anderson

On the eve of the 1st hearing in the #NFL#Concussion Litigation, there are 65 lawsuits and over 1,500 plaintiffs.

A quick link list of the most recent news;

The amount of players is becoming dizzying to say the least.  The chance that some or all of the players receive judgement in these cases is up in the air.  I am certainly not an attorney; however the burden is on the players to prove the NFL not only didn’t have their best interest in mind but they also have to prove they intentionally misled or misinformed the players about concussions.  Regardless this shows how much we DIDN’T know prior to the suits.

The ultimate question is how much did the high-paid, high-valued, well-respected and highly compensated doctors and researchers of the NFL know and when.

We will find out as the NFL maintains via spokesman Greg Aiello, the NFL denies all allegations.

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