Questions from readers…

It is that time to take questions/comments from readers and answer/comment on them to the best of my ability.  Remember that any information given should be conferred with your doctor.  This information does not take place of actually seeing your doctor.  Don’t be dumb see your doc and use this information to ask further questions.  Without further ado…

From: Hockey Guy, Subject: Stop scaring people

just wanted you to know that what you write about concussions is scaring people into not playing, enough information already, we don’t even have all the information.  i played for 17 years and i am fine.

That is awesome Hockey Guy, the fact that some of my information is actually sinking in makes me smile.  Good luck to you in the future.


From: Concussed, Subject: Letter from reader

My problem is that i have had concussions before, I  dont really know how many because I was probably about 18 before I  learned what a concussion was. In all honesty, I still dont really know what a concussion is because the symptoms are so broad that its  tough to analyze them. My problem now is that I suffer either from symptoms of multiple concussions or I suffer from the anxiety I feel   about getting another concussion. There are a lot of similar symptoms with anxiety and post concussion syndrome. Then there is this whole thing about CTE and Im only twenty but I sometimes feel like maybe Im dealing with that. Its just a whole lot of I don’t know and the doctors I go and see all seem to not be very worried. I have had two cat scans and an mri and both came back negative.  If you could post this for discussion that would be great and if you know anyone I could talk to that would also be appreciated.

Concussed, it seems that you are definitely in tune with the effects of repeated concussions.  I would highly suggest that you find a neuropsych to address any cognitive issues then find yourself a psychologist to discuss the issues going on.  The fact that your MRI/CT scans are clear is normal.  What may not be normal is your cognitive and behavioral/emotional aspects of your brain.


From: Pop Warner Guy, Subject: Wussy Football


Just wanted you to know that by suggesting that youth football should be flag you are by defintioin “wussing” down the sport, something you said you wouldn’t do.  I think you and the research people are going way overboard on this, until awareness became better there weren’t as many “concussions”.  I think the problem is too much information.

I don’t think changing a sport that was never invented for the youth to even play would be “wussing” it down.  Football was created for grown men to play, never were there designs to let physically immature bodies go out and ram skulls.  Sorry if taking tackle football away from the youth may cost money for some business, if you want to keep the sport around it’s the only best option.


From: Ashley, Subject: Thanks

Dustin thank you for taking time to run the blog very informative, your commentors are very good too.

Much appreciated.

You can send in your questions/comments anytime…  Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Questions from readers…

  1. Michael Hopper April 24, 2012 / 14:11

    Definitely some misinformed individuals reading! Hopefully they continue reading and learn something new. One of the most important things we can do as athletic trainers is educate those around us. We encourage athletic participation, but proper knowledge of the risks and ways to prevent them are also crucial!

    • BryanATC April 24, 2012 / 17:38

      until awareness became better there weren’t as many “concussions”

      So because people didn’t actually know they were injuring their brains before that made it less of an injury?

      You Mr. Pop Warner Guy are exactly the kind of person that shouldn’t be supervising kids in the sport because you obviously have no appreciation for the fact that “concussions” are BRAIN INJURIES!!!

  2. Dustin Fink April 25, 2012 / 06:37

    I really wish more people would email us how they really feel… It is quite funny some of the stuff in my inbox…

  3. A Concerned Mom April 25, 2012 / 21:34

    “Jean, who suffered his first concussion in a fight as a 16-year-old with the Wheatley Sharks, was always one of those players willing to pay whatever price was necessary to succeed.

    Now, the bill has come due and the premature ending of his playing career last November is merely a down payment.”

    There’s a difference between informing and scaring people. Young people need to be taught about the dangers of playing through concussions and sustaining too many.

  4. Jenna May 17, 2012 / 21:36

    I am a 15 year old girl who has sustained 5 concussions in my life time, all from playing soccer. My last concussion ended in me being taken off the field on a stretcher, into an ambulance and to an ER. I also suffered a sprained cervical. Anyways, my impact specialist recommended in me resigning from my soccer career after 10 years and I am no longer allowed to play contact sports. What I went through to recover was indescribably hard and stressful, especially since it was durning the school year. I just needed to share my background before I ask can I still ride roller coasters? I used to ride them all the time but through the years I find myself “blacking out” and feeling very nauseas. Is this because of my background of head injuries or just my body telling me I shouldn’t be riding roller coasters?

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