Solid and Useful Information for the Layperson

It’s not often that you see an article in a paper or online resource that makes it simple and very understanding at the same time.  Heck, this is the reason the blog began; to share articles like these with everyone.  Janice Youngwith of the Daily Herald in Chicago did just that;

While most people know a youth who has suffered a similar head injury, pediatric experts say more attention in recent years has focused on concussion among professional athletes than kids and teens. They say youth concussions strike directly at a child’s growing brain and can affect the child’s ability to learn.[…]

Brain rest, he says is imperative following injury. “A repeat concussion that occurs before the brain recovered from the first event can slow recovery or increase the risk for long-term problems and in rare cases can result in brain swelling, permanent brain damage and even death.”[…]

Since 2002, doctors no longer grade concussions with terms like mild, moderate or severe. “It’s all symptomatic,” says Dr. Babka. “But the universal precaution is no same day return to play. Children must be symptom free for 24-48 hours, be evaluated by a medical professional trained in treating concussion injuries, and meet specific return to play criteria.”

The thing I truly believe is happening now is that parents, players and coaches are now starting to become more educated than some doctors.  It continues to happen all across the country, doctors don’t understand the severity and even the injury itself, as athletes are release too early, AND after improper management of the injury.

It is imperative that every doctor not only understand but begin being consistent across the board with recommendations; this includes ER docs and PC docs alike.

3 thoughts on “Solid and Useful Information for the Layperson

  1. A Concerned Mom April 21, 2012 / 08:18

    That was a good article. It’s good to see awareness spreading. It’s not so great to see organizations fighting legislation (perhaps the legislation could be modified, but it still doesn’t look good to see youth organizations fighting it).

    “Concerned that hundreds of volunteer youth coaches would face greater legal liability, Ohio YMCA officials are fighting a bill requiring coaches and referees to pull an athlete from a game when they show symptoms of a concussion.”

  2. A Concerned Mom April 21, 2012 / 09:14

    Video on helmet sensor study at U-M. Opens with a mom describing how she mishanded her son’s concussion.

  3. Jon April 21, 2012 / 11:21

    Excellent find Dustin…. thanks

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