Melissa Gilbert returns to DWTS

And this is another example of poor concussion management that sends the wrong message to the general public.  Gilbert has returned to rehearsal, reported here and via her twitter account;

Very happy to be back on campus rehearsing with @MaksimC . Now back home to bed.

At the very least she is going home to rest and it seems she was told to sleep.  I surely hope that she recovers in a quick and safe manner; as my wonderful wife thinks she is performing very well, and has a soft spot for “Little Laura”.

We will continue to monitor this situation.

One thought on “Melissa Gilbert returns to DWTS

  1. brokenbrilliant April 12, 2012 / 21:26


    “Gilbert is in fine spirits after the ordeal. The former Little House on the Prairie star is “very happy to be back on campus rehearsing.” Clearly, her farm-bred youth in Walnut Grove has toughened her up to take on any challenge. Considering her spirits, it doesn’t look like this setback will slow her down on the dance floor. Keep on truckin’, Batgirl.”

    Good grief. Talk about the wrong message, indeed.

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