NHL Concussion Report – End of Regular Season

Tis the season for undisclosed and cryptic injuries; the regular season is now over as 14 teams have moved to the golf course for the summer.  The NHL’s Second Season is upon us and the pressure has ratcheted up significantly, meaning finding and seeing proper management of any injury – let alone concussions – can be put to the test.

The machismo of sport and the pressure to win the Stanley Cup are so high that players, coaches, and even medical staff’s will take risks to achieve that goal.  If there is one injury that needs to be handled the same, every time, no matter the context it is concussion.  That is why I continually harp on Mr. Bettman and the NHL for not disclosing concussions.  And get this, if the league were to ban any head contact, period, then there would be less worry about a player returning when fully recovered (now that the teams know what the actual injury was).

It all boils down to respect:




Forget the likes of Don Cherry who over-glamorize fighting and un-needed hits on players, how bout we all enjoy the game for the way it was meant to be played.

I mentioned in an interview with CBC last week that although numbers were up I do believe that Brenden Shanahan has helped keep the numbers lower that they could have been.  I also mentioned that I do not believe the NHL when they say the number of concussions have decreased from their “peak” a “couple of years ago”.  As for the playoffs I predicted that we would see 18-22 concussions this year, as opposed to 15 of last year.

This was based on our tracking of concussions this year as we noted an 18% increase in concussions from last year.  Here are our current statistics;

  • 0.048 Head/Concussion per Game (0.051)
  • 1.44 Head/Concussion per “Game Night” (1.63)
  • 17.10% of the original active NHL roster has been affected (14.30)
  • Team Breakdown:
    • CLB – 8
    • CHI, MIN, NYI, PHI – 7
    • BOS, CAR, PIT – 6
    • BUF, COL, EDM, OTW, STL – 5
    • FLA, NAS, VAN – 4
    • MTL, NYR, PHX, TOR – 3
    • CAL, DAL, DET, SJ, TB, WAS – 2
    • LA, NJ, WIN – 1
    • ANA – 0

Sorry for being so frank and to the point…  There is NO FREAKING WAY that teams had less than 3 concussions in an NHL season, PERIOD…  I find this to be utterly ridiculous…  More to follow…

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