It Happens on DWTS

Even though watching the performance you would have not noticed, because there was not a single event, Melissa Gilbert of Dancing with the Stars tweeted that she was concussed;

I’m alright. Mild concussion and whiplash. Very soon I will be safely home resting and being taken care of.

Hey Melissa no such thing as a mild concussion, LOOK HERE.

It will be interesting to follow her course of management/recovery.  And, yes…  I was watching…

One thought on “It Happens on DWTS

  1. Lynne Perkins April 10, 2012 / 14:43

    I didn’t watch this but read about how Melissa Gilbert became concussed on DWTS. Appreciate that you have this on your website. It is an eye opener even though we know that competitive dance is athletic. Bringing attention to how quickly her concussion has been dismissed as insignificant is what makes your site so important. People continue to believe that they “know” what is as yet unknowable. Technology is not there yet to accurately determine what changes have occurred inside the brain to label any concussion ”mild”, especially hours and days, even weeks after the fact. This is a good example of exactly why widespread public education is so important. Haven’t we seen it enough? How many people have picked themselves up and walked away from a concussion that later had a severe impact on them? Think of the tragic loss of Natasha Richardson. How very inaccurate was that Glasgow Coma scale in her case! Concussion sets off a process. Don’t want to scare anyone, but it is scary and deserves full attention. When we have a concussion we need to take every precaution that we not become a statistic. I wish the best for Melissa Gilbert and hope her symptoms subside quickly. The reality is that when we, and people around us, dismiss the symptoms, we tend push ourselves rather than rest and watch, and that can hamper recovery. I’m glad to be here to talk about it! Lynne Perkins, M.A., M.Sc.

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