Soccer Concussion from Russia

One of Europe’s top goal keepers was injured in a Russian Premier League game after taking a knee to the face (video below at 0:50 mark).  Andriy Dykan was attended to but continued to play, until things were bad enough he asked for a sub;

Spartak said Dykan had “broken multiple bones and suffered concussion” after being struck in the face by Zenit striker Alexander Kerzhakov’s knee.

The 34-year-old decided to play on following the collision early in the second half but 10 minutes later he asked to be substituted.

One thought on “Soccer Concussion from Russia

  1. Cassie April 15, 2012 / 22:39

    I just recently got a concussion in soccer as well. Prior to this concussion I had just gotten cleared from another concussion that took me 2 months to recover and then the first indoor soccer game I got to play, one of the guys rockets a ball from about 3 feet away and it hits me square in the temple. I blacked out for a minute and now I’m stuck recovering from another concussion. And the worst part is that spring training is coming up and I cant participate…

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