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Name the winner of the B1G Ten Conference Tournament (1st tiebreaker is total points in the final, second tiebreaker is opponent).

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Kevin Turner Interview

We have written about Kevin Turner before; a former NFL player and Alabama stud who is now dealing with the effects of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  Turner has started a foundation in his name where they are raising money and awareness about ALS and the workings of the Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) as it relates to CTE.

Yesterday Rachel Baribeau, on her show Barbo & Scarbo (Kevin Scarbinsky), interviewed Kevin Turner on 97.3 The Zone out of Birmingham.  It is such a profound interview that I encourage everyone to take a listen.  You can CLICK HERE for the podcast.

The perseverance of Kevin Turner is and SHOULD be Continue reading

New Initiative in Canada

Thanks to Twitter I have become aware of many things, I usually just look at them and go on with my day.  There are the few occasions that some ideas warrant us “spreading the news”.  Today I am happy to pass along the URL and handle of this group who appear to be putting efforts into concussion awareness in Canada.

It is called reACT and they will be launching very soon (@reACT_Canada).  The most interesting piece that is currently available is the wallet card that helps with identification of a concussion using the moniker of H.E.A.D.S U.P.

Check them out.

Fencing Response On Ice

As you followed us during the football season there were many times we referred to the Fencing Response, mainly after hits.  This response is a clear sign that the individual has suffered a concussion (at the least) and should be on top of your observable signs you should be looking for.  If you are new or don’t recall that term click on the link above.

Just as concussions can happen in any sport so can the Fencing Response, take the hit on Jakub Vorcek of the Philadelphia Flyers;

After seeing this last night I noticed that “Puck Daddy” had his take (also a better version of the video) on the hit; Continue reading

Concussion App Giveaway – Week Two Question Update

In recognition of Athletic Training Month and Brain Injury Awareness Month, PAR Inc. has teamed up with us to give you a chance to win a concussion app of your choice (descriptions below) each week through the month of March.  Not only is March known for these two great programs; we also have come to know March as a time for college basketball.

With this in mind each week there will be a question/guess asked of you pertaining to college basketball and the closest to the answer will win the app of their choice.  No worries, you will also have an opportunity to do well in the brackets of March Madness and win the app as well.

Week Three – Deadline March 22nd 4:00pm PDT:

Who will have the largest winning margin over the weekend? (1st TB is who they played, 2nd TB is who has lowest winning margin)

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Week Two – Deadline March 15th10:30 PDT:

How many wins will 9-16 seeds get Thurs through Sunday (1st tiebreaker the highest (16 being the highest) seed to win in round 1, 2nd TB is highest seed to win in round two) – example: 16, 11, 4

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Week One – Deadline March 9th 12:00pm PST:

Name the winner of the B1G Ten Conference Tournament (1st tiebreaker is total points in the final, second tiebreaker is opponent) – example Illinois 54 – Northwestern 52, or Illinois, 106, Northwestern…

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Here is the description of the apps; Continue reading

UPMC Responds to TCB Questions

On February 29th we posted about the “Cut-Off Indicator” for ImPACT(TM) and recovery periods; in that post I had some open-ended questions regarding this information/press release.  Apparently these questions were noticed by UPMC and Chuck Finder, formerly of the Post-Gazette, now part of the media relations of UPMC sent me answers.

The answers were written by Brian Lau, co-investigator of the study/paper, here are my questions and below is the actual response sent to me.

  1. Why would you neurocognitive test anyone with symptoms, while still recovering?
  2. Are the numbers based upon the ImPACT “norms” or a baseline calculation?
  3. Is this experiment repeatable with other measures?
  4. Where are the control groups?
  5. Is the accuracy of ImPACT that sensitive (is there even one accurate enough to make this assessment)?
  6. What did each individual do for management of the concussion in the two days?

Full unedited responses below; Continue reading

Concussion – After Injury Care

Most cases of concussion resolve spontaneously over time, we have had discussions on here that vary from 72 hours to 6 months or longer – however, people/researchers are trying to find a way to help along recovery.  Most of this is an inexact science, to say the least, it is almost the ol’ adage of “throw crap on the wall and see if it sticks.”

Lindsay Barton wrote a great summation of current ideas for therapy for lingering effects of concussion, in some cases being classified as PCS, or post concussion syndrome, for Mom’s Team.  I do like his list which includes;

  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Chiropractic Neurology
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Amantadine
  • “Buffalo Protocol”
  • Epsom Salts

The first three are very “hands on” Continue reading

That Light in the Distance Might Just be a Freight Train

It is still very early in the concussion issue – called an epidemic by the CDC – however this has not stopped people seeking damages against schools and institutions for perceived wrong doings.  These suits are based on the proper protection of the individual injured, you can see the multiple former NFL players filing suit for examples.  However, there are some that fly under the radar, well because they are not high paid athletes.

One such case in California was just settled and reading the article brings chills down my spine as an athletic trainer for adolescents; Continue reading

Drew is ready for College

Drew Fernandez is the son of Tracey Mayer – one of our Parent Advocates – and like John Gonoude a person that has overcome the stigma of concussion.  Not only is it a real brain injury, not treating it correctly can have life long effects for more people than we care to admit.  As Drew finds time he will send us updates, we hope this avenue will help him as well.

Over the past week, two really great things happened in regard to my upcoming freshman year in college at Illinois State University.  The first was having my request for formal academic accommodations approved, based on my medical condition of suffering from migraines, as a result of a severe concussion.  My parents and I were overjoyed with receiving the email notifying us with such amazing news.

Secondly, based on my outstanding academics, I received a letter from Illinois State University inviting me to compete for the University scholarship, one of the most prestigious scholarships available to new freshmen at ISU.  It is designed for academically talented, new freshmen from traditionally underrepresented groups or first generation college students who have overcome hardship in achieving their academic goals.  I did not receive this scholarship, however when you don’t receive one scholarship, they put your entry in the run for other potential scholarships.  Catching me by surprise, I was awarded a Redbird Academic Scholarship, renewable for up to four years.

Both of these things are especially significant because ISU acknowledged that what I have gone through is real.  Having them validate it is really important, not only for me, but for all other student athletes who suffer from post-concussive issues.

This is what I had written for my scholarship entry; Continue reading

Saint Louis University TBI Research

Researchers at Saint Louis University have teamed up with the Department of Defense as they conduct research on traumatic brain injury. Dr. Richard Bucholz, director of the Saint Louis University Advanced Neurosurgical Innovation Center (SANIC) and his colleagues have received a grant from the DOD to study the brains of service members coming back from the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Continue reading

Dr. William Spangler on State Concussion Legislation

Mentioned before in the Nathan LaFayette post, the Chartis Insurance group is promoting awareness though a unique way; posting information from their sources on this blog.  Their endeavor is part of  a promotion for aHead of the Game®.  The Concussion Blog does not endorse this company or product, however their willingness to provide information will garner them some blog space.  Chartis is not paying this blog to post as we feel this information is educational in content.  Other companies are welcome to send along information as well; however not all material makes the blog, it is an owner/author decision.

State Concussion Legislation Continues to Change Youth Sports

By Dr. William Spangler


Injuries in sports are all too real. They can sometimes be dramatic and life-changing. But, nothing is perhaps as gripping and tragic as when an injury severely impacts the life of a young athlete and changes that child’s life forever. Concussions, especially repeated ones from sports and recreation activities, can have a devastating and lasting effect on a young person’s life.

Recognizing the need for some kind of oversight of youth sports, Continue reading

March Is A Great Month

Not only is the month of March devoted to honor and make people aware of the wonderful profession of Athletic Training it also coincides with Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Could there be a better combination?  I would think not!

The US Army has put out a press release on brain injury awareness I thought I should share it with you; Continue reading

NFL Law Suit Going to Court of Public Opinion

Craig Mitnick is representing more than 200 former players is taking his case to the court of public opinion.  He recently released a video outlining the case and where the players have a leg to stand on.  Ultimately this will be settled in the actual courts, however if you have two minutes you can listen to Mr. Mitnick.  If you choose to follow-up you can do so at their website as well at

University of Montreal Study

Reported on Tuesday in Science Codex was the findings of a study done in Canada about the effects of concussions on children, adolescents and adults.  Not surprising the study to be published in Brain Injury, showed that all three groups are equally afflicted by the concussion injury.  This is new information because it was thought that with the younger brain after the initial effects of the injury they (children) could recover quicker.  This is mainly due to the ratio of white and gray matter in the brain itself.  Even more peculiar is the difference in sensitivity; adolescent brains more sensitive than the other two.

Principle investigator Dave Ellemberg used both standard neurocognitive testing procedures as well as electrophysiological measurements to determine the overall impact and sensitivity of concussed individuals;

These kinds of injuries mostly affect their working memory – the brain function that enables us to process and store short-term information and that is essential for activities such as reading and mental calculation. “The frontal regions of the brain are more vulnerable to concussions. These areas oversee Continue reading

Kentucky’s Livingston Neurophysiological Findings

Scott Livingston of the University of Kentucky may have found some information about concussions that we previously did not know/understand.

The physiological changes of the brain injury concussion may still be present even after all the standard symptoms have resolved.  Being published in the Journal of Clinical Neuropyhsiology in February Livingston used motor-evoked potentials (MEP) to track brain physiological response at the same time patients were self-reporting symptoms;

Subjects were evaluated for evidence of concussion based on self-reported symptoms, computerized neurocognitive test performance, and MEPs for a period of 10 days. Post-concussion symptoms were more frequent and greater in severity in Continue reading

Kris Dielman Retires

Today Kris Dielman – possibly the NFL poster boy for playing through a concussion – will announce his retirement.  This is a change of heart within the past few months as Dielman had indicated that he would take the health risk to win a championship.  Coverage from;

San Diego Chargers guard Kris Dielman will announce his retirement at a news conference Thursday.

“I love this game. I’ve given it everything I have,” Dielman said in a statement on the team’s website. “It’s time for me to focus on my future and my quality of life.

Continue reading