Athletic Trainer Innovates – Yup that’s what we do

We have seen volleyball players wearing soft sided helmets in games, and we have seen the explosion of “head-gear” for sports like soccer.  It is starting to become a trend; something that long time athletic trainer at Louisville put into practice – figuratively and practically – for the previously concussed on the mens basketball team (looks like Hina or others have softened Pitino’s stance on concussions);

Looking to protect players who’ve had previous concussions, Cardinals trainer Fred Hina came up with the idea of having them wear the padded helmets in practice.[…]

“We’re just trying to proactive and keep our multiples (concussions) down to a minimum, limit our risk,” Hina said Thursday before the Cardinals played Michigan State in the West Regional semifinals. “It may be overkill, but I really think you’re going to see it more and more with the focus being on head injuries.”

REMEMBER THAT HELMETS DO NOT PREVENT CONCUSSIONS, but putting protection on the head to limit any blow or linear force to the head can only help combat one of the big problems with re-occurrence: smaller required forces.  It should be well-known by now that after sustaining one concussion the research suggests that it takes less force to contribute to another cascade process resulting in a concussion.

Will the helmets completely protect the athlete, there are rotational forces still at work, but allowing the players back on the court with some semblance of protection is not only a good idea but one that should catch on.

Just I like I tell athletes about tape jobs or braces for sprained ankles; we can’t prevent them completely from another sprain but if there are forces low enough that would otherwise re-sprain the ankle this will protect.  I believe that the helmets can provide the same peace of mind.  Just make sure the athlete is COMPLETELY recovered and cleared before having them don the helmet.

Thanks @PaulD_Anderson for the find

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