Week 3 Concussion App Giveaway

It is now week three of our giveaway contest for PAR Inc. concussion apps.  In the first week I had you pick who you thought was going to win the B1G Tourney.  In the second week I asked how many 9-16 seeds would win in the first weekend.  Now we are down to the Sweet 16 and Elite 8; time to take a stab at which team will have the largest winning margin, over the entire weekend.  The fist tiebreaker will be who they played the second tie breaker will be who has the lowest winning margin (example: Kentucky – Baylor – Ohio St.).

This can be a $9.99 value if you choose the CARE App.

Here are your match-ups;

Sweet 16:

  • Kentucky v. Indiana
  • Baylor v. Xavier
  • Michigan St. v. Louisville
  • Marquette v. Florida
  • Syracuse v. Wisconsin
  • Cincinnati v. Ohio St.
  • North Carolina v. Ohio
  • NC State v. Kansas

Elite 8:

  • UK/IND winner v. BAY/XAV winner
  • MSU/LOU winner v. MAR/FLA winner
  • SYR/WIS winner v. CIN/OSU winner
  • NC/OHI winner v. NCS/KAN winner

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