Motorcross Star “Barely Passes Concussion Test”

Why would there even be any doubt about passing a concussion test after taking a nasty spill and being out of it?  In the video below it is hard to catch the incident the first time you watch; evident after gaining perspective is that James Stewart, the series Michael Jordan, fell and was struck in the back of the head and then was very “not himself” in the aftermath;

You will be able to see the incident more clearly here;

From USA Today’s coverage of the concussion (oops possible concussion);

Later, Stewart was given a concussion test, and Albrecht said he passed it … but not by much.

“It was right on the edge,” Albrecht said of the results.

The decision to sideline the 26-year-old Floridian for the rest of the night was made by Stewart’s father, team co-owner Coy Gibbs said.

“He was a little glazed, kind of out of it,” Gibbs said of the 2007 and 2009 series champion. “It was Big James’ call.”

This should not be a father’s decision with such a high-profile athlete and one who has every resource available to him in the motocross world.  This should have been a very simple decision (although the correct one was made) after seeing what happened.  The issue is with the perception that the team was not as concerned about the injury as the father, when it is the team who should have stepped in from the beginning.

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