A Program Worth Promotion

We have highlighted Advocates for Injured Athletes on here with the story of Tommy Mallon told through the eyes of his mother Beth.  Not only are they continuing to fight for athletic trainers on the sidelines of every school they have come up with an initiative that makes too much sense – Athletes Saving Athletes.

What is Athletes Saving Athletes™?

Athletes Saving Athletes™ (ASA) is a +unique, peer-to-peer education program designed to empower student athletes with skills to help them recognize signs and symptoms of life-threatening injuries and conditions. The goal of ASA is to reduce the risk and incidence of injury and death for high school athletes using the power of kids talking to kids.

Why is the ASA Program Needed?

Every year, more than 1.4 million high school athletes in the U.S. suffer a traumatic or fatal injury. Most of these accidents are preventable. While some schools staff a certified athletic trainer, these personnel cannot be present at all the practices and competitions of every school sport. The ASA program provides student athletes basic knowledge and skills that could help save a life.

With the cost and really the viability of having an athletic trainer at the school, at all times is unlikely – not to mention the hours of work – however, empowering and teaching other athletes and students to recognize possible catastrophic situations will help with immediate action and possibly saving lives.

If you would like to learn more you can not only read the above .pdf you can go to the website and figure out how to bring this to your school.

Not only is the program supported by the Red Cross, it is also supported by the National Athletic Trainers Association.  What better way to raise awareness about the issues of sports injuries than by involving the student-athletes themselves.

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