Kevin Turner Interview

We have written about Kevin Turner before; a former NFL player and Alabama stud who is now dealing with the effects of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  Turner has started a foundation in his name where they are raising money and awareness about ALS and the workings of the Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) as it relates to CTE.

Yesterday Rachel Baribeau, on her show Barbo & Scarbo (Kevin Scarbinsky), interviewed Kevin Turner on 97.3 The Zone out of Birmingham.  It is such a profound interview that I encourage everyone to take a listen.  You can CLICK HERE for the podcast.

The perseverance of Kevin Turner is and SHOULD be an inspiration to anyone that has had to deal with a terminal diagnosis.  He also has taken the time and efforts he has remaining bringing awareness about not only ALS and CTE but also concussions.  When listening to a person that has dealt with the effects of brain trauma and eventually ALS it takes your breath away, especially how to the point and profound he is.

Some of the thought he had stick out to me in the interview;

  • His thought about helmets during his playing days
  • Holding his sons out of football

Idolizing people is something I rarely do – my parents, wife and kids are on this very short list – however there are spots for people like Kevin Turner.  To steal from a friend in his description of me; Kevin Turner is indefatigable, not mere mortals like myself.

If you would like to help you can go to the Kevin Turner Foundation website and pitch in a hand.  If there is anyway I can scrap together the resources I would like to join Kevin and his guests at his fundraising weekend in Nashville, Tennessee April 22nd and 23rd, perhaps we can get a lot of people there or at least pitching in!

One thought on “Kevin Turner Interview

  1. Jon March 8, 2012 / 12:23


    Thanks for posting this great interview!!

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