Fencing Response On Ice

As you followed us during the football season there were many times we referred to the Fencing Response, mainly after hits.  This response is a clear sign that the individual has suffered a concussion (at the least) and should be on top of your observable signs you should be looking for.  If you are new or don’t recall that term click on the link above.

Just as concussions can happen in any sport so can the Fencing Response, take the hit on Jakub Vorcek of the Philadelphia Flyers;

After seeing this last night I noticed that “Puck Daddy” had his take (also a better version of the video) on the hit;

There was no penalty on the play other than an unsportsmanlike conduct on Zac Rinaldo, and Voracek did not return to the game.

Should this warrant a suspension? Of course not. It’s a brutal, legal hockey hit that caught Voracek with his head down, attempting to finesse the puck with one hand along the boards. He glances up before he plays the puck. He knows there’s a defender near the blue line.

I freely admit I don’t have the history in the game like other faithful followers, but I do believe that Puck Daddy has a point.  If you look at the rules for suspensions and penalties the case is pretty solid for this hit being part of the game.  All players involved in the collision have responsibilities and expectations.  On the flip side the punishment delivered by Kronwalll may be deemed excessive, when all that was needed was a “rub” to gain possession of the puck.It will be interesting to see what the Czar of Hit Punishment, Brendan Shanahan will have to say in the coming days.

I do agree with the commentators, maybe the referees need to understand what the Fencing Response is so that play can be stopped in those instances…

3 thoughts on “Fencing Response On Ice

  1. BryanATC March 7, 2012 / 14:47

    Apparently the Flyers are not listing Voracek as a concussion, just a cut lip. In fact he cleared a “less detailed” concussion test today and will take the more comprehensive one tomorrow. Apparently he could play tomorrow night.

    Even Voracek is quoted today when asked if he was feeling foggy: “I feel different”.

    Come on when are people actually going to take this seriously? There is no way a hit that produces a “fencing response” can be a 48 hour recovery. No way.

    • Joe Bloggs March 7, 2012 / 18:28

      Who knows where the Flyers and the Eagles find their doctors. They make Collins and Maroon look like Drs. Zorba and Casey.

      • BryanATC March 8, 2012 / 12:06

        Looks like they’ll keep Voracek out of tonight’s game, who knows how long that will continue.

        Less than a month ago, Voracek also suffered an “Upper Body Injury” from a hit. Most people suspected a concussion, but nothing was ever released. Returned about 4 days later.

        Seriously, does the NHL not see the lawsuits filed against the NFL or do they think Hockey players just won’t care when they have to have someone feed them their food and tell them where they live?

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