Kris Dielman Retires

Today Kris Dielman – possibly the NFL poster boy for playing through a concussion – will announce his retirement.  This is a change of heart within the past few months as Dielman had indicated that he would take the health risk to win a championship.  Coverage from;

San Diego Chargers guard Kris Dielman will announce his retirement at a news conference Thursday.

“I love this game. I’ve given it everything I have,” Dielman said in a statement on the team’s website. “It’s time for me to focus on my future and my quality of life.

“I want to thank the Spanos family and the Chargers for giving me the opportunity in the NFL. Because they believed in me, I was able to realize a dream and for that I will be forever grateful.”

Dielman, a four-time Pro Bowler, was scheduled to earn $5.5 million in 2012, but concussions, including the most recent one, suffered last season against the New York Jets on a controversial play, ended his career.

We documented his plight as it was happening and what happened as a result of the incident.  Perhaps Dielman understands that long-term health – brain health specifically – is much more important than winning a simple ring.  What good is that ring if you look at it in 20 years and don’t remember what it was for or how you got it…

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