NBA Concussion Update #3

Our periodical report for The Association.

These do not occur as often as football and hockey for a couple of reasons, one; fewer players equals less incidence and two; the reporting of injuries is up to beat writers, as I have yet to find an official league injury page.  I will be using the standard and ESPN for compiling this information.  Also to note for 2012 is the shortened season due to the lock-out.

Concussions in the NBA are easily missed; they appear on searches but the normal searches I do the reports are often a sentence regarding the injury.  I believe this to be mainly because of two factors, the first being in the above statement the other is that a concussion has not occurred to a “big time” player, yet.

This could all be changing after an incident in the All-Star Game last night between Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade (video below).  According to Lakers Nation and Gary Lee Kobe may be suffering from some well-known symptoms;

Well, according to Andy Hutchins of SBNation, Dwyane Wade might have gone too far by drawing blood on a hard two-handed foul to Kobe Bryant as Kobe drop stepped him in the post and on his way to an easy basket. It is being reported that Kobe is suffering mild headaches and other symptoms of a mild concussion.

There were other concussions that we simply missed until today as well; here is the list (not listing Kobe as of now).  For comparison last year (more games) at this time there were seven listings;

  1. Andrew Bogut – MIL – 1/16/12
  2. Jameer Nelson – ORL – 1/27/12
  3. Kyrie Irving – CLE – 2/7/12
  4. Lazar Hayward – OKC – 2/20/12 – Fink’s Rule
  5. Jason Smith – NO – 2/22/12
  6. C.J. Watson – CHI – 2/22/12
  7. Kobe Bryant – LAL – 2/29/12

If you know of more NBA Concussions feel free to send them our way!

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