Mom Seeking Answers and Insight

There are great websites out there to visit to find information about injuries and concussions, I hope this is a good resource for all of you.  We are not the be-all-end-all rather just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to awareness.  There is a great site that is devoted to the Mom’s of the world called “Mom’s Team“, headed by Brooke de Lynch.  A serial emailer sent along a recent letter a concerned mom had about a concussion her son endured while playing tackle football – her son’s age… 8;

The following is a redacted version of a letter one mom of a concussed young football player recently sent to her state legislators in a Midwestern state:

Dear _________________:

As the mother of an eight-year-old who sustained a concussion during bantam football practice, I believe it is essential for the provisions of our state’s youth sports concussion safety law to be applied to all children participating in contact and collision sports held on school grounds. The injuries which occurred on my son’s team of approximately 25 third- and fourth-graders clearly demonstrate that concussion information is necessary for these players, their parents, and their coaches.

The letter is very compelling and articulate, it is worth the jump and read (I would transcribe it here but I don’t think Brooke would be very keen to that 🙂  However this goes right along with our earlier post today from Tracey Mayer and the confusion that can be very apparent, even amongst ‘experts’.

The general point should be that when traumatic forces are great enough to elicit an immediate, abnormal response from the brain, it is in fact a concussion.  This brain injury is nothing that is made up in anyone’s mind, it is real.  The clear danger is being exposed to too many of these, just like after many dislocated joints the articulation will become compromised.  Staying ahead of the curve is something that parents and providers should be doing.  I don’t believe we would leave our children with strangers and let them offer up medical advice.  See your doctor, explain the problem, if the answers are unsatisfactory look into yourself and grasp the concepts and make an informed decision.

As G.I. Joe once said; “Knowing is half the battle.”

One thought on “Mom Seeking Answers and Insight

  1. A Concerned Mom February 22, 2012 / 15:51

    Dustin, Thank you for posting this. It was from information obtained at your site, MomsTeam, and others that I learned more about what I needed to do to help my son recover. I believe I found your site while searching for information on vestibular problems and concussions (vestibular therapy was going to be the next option to explore if his symptoms lingered any longer).

    Unfortunately, because my son’s initial concussion headache was mild, and he was able to function well at school, he most likely didn’t get the cognitive and physical rest needed to ensure a quick recovery. One of the reasons for sharing my son’s story is to let parents know that complete rest for the first few post injury days is probably best even if their child’s symptoms seem mild. You can’t go back in time, as much as I wish it were possible.

    Another reason to share my son’s story is to hopefully get some attention focused on our youngest organized sport participants. For many youth clubs and leagues, there are no umbrella organizations to provide oversight, and the schools are relunctant to step in to avoid liability. Concussions at young ages extend the window for additional injuries.

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