Tony Dorsett Joins Law Suit

After the NFL and players agreed early this week, the majority of the law suits have been combined and will be heard in Philadelphia.  There has been a myriad of former pros that included their name to the suits, you can now add one more: Tony Dorsett.  It is not that Dorsett suffers from the occasional battle with emotions or being tired, rather he has obviously become very cognizant of his inability to remember things, memory loss.  The article starts off describing Dorsett’s injury in 1984 where he was knocked out, evaluated and returned to play;

“That ain’t the first time I was knocked out or been dazed over the course of my career, and now I’m suffering for it,” the 57-year-old former tailback says. “And the NFL is trying to deny it.”

Dorsett traces several health problems to concussions during a career that lasted from 1977-88, and he has joined more than 300 former players — including three other members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and at least 32 first- or second-team All-Pro selections — in suing the NFL, its teams and, in some cases, helmet maker Riddell. More should have been done in the past to warn about the dangers of concussions, their lawyers argue, and more can be done now and in the future to help retired players deal with mental and physical problems they attribute to their days in the NFL.

The article is not just about Dorsett but it also paints a pretty good picture of why the players feel the need to reclaim some monies for their troubles.

Some that know the laws and this type of stuff way more than I suggest that the players need to win in the court of public opinion because an “absolute” victory in court seems to be an uphill battle.  What might be more of a lock is that previous medical professionals on the payroll of the NFL could be set up for big time trouble.  There is no disagreeing that scientific literature was existent at the time these players played.  What is concerning is that the “younger” players played when there was much more and clearer information available, yet it seemed that the NFL has doctors that contradicted the information or just plain ignored it.

PS, yes that is Dorsett playing for the Broncos…  Go Donkey’s!

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