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Searching the web I found this press release about a video produced by the College of American Pathologists;

Information provided by the College of American Pathologists

Former NFL player Hunter Hillenmeyer, whose career ended early due to concussions, knows firsthand that better helmets don’t always protect players from serious injury. Helmets have been shown to reduce the incidence of skull fracture, but not injury to the brain itself. That’s why Hillenmeyer is joining pathologists to educate parents, coaches, and young players about the dangers of concussions potentially leading to the brain disease, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

Hillenmeyer credits pathologists, the physicians who first diagnose CTE in football players, with performing medical research targeted to prevent future cases in today’s youth.

The story offers expert advice from pathologists, who caution that too many blows to the head can set up a child’s brain for CTE. In fact, one concussion increases the risk for another, and may cause memory loss later in life.

In addition, viewers will receive helpful tips and suggestions from pathologists on how to identify a concussion and steps to take if a child experiences a concussion while playing contact sports.

Here is the LINK.

By the way if anyone knows how to get a hold of Hunter please let me know I would love to have is voice on this platform!!!

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