Colorado’s “Jake Snakenberg Act”

The concussion legislation in Colorado went into full effect recently and in this case, a seven year-old, it has paid dividends;

“Two concussions and a scar right here,” said Dylan, pointing to his forehead.

Dylan suffered his first concussion playing football this past summer. He says he suffered another concussion when he ran into the dishwasher at his home.

“I was chasing my brother,” said Dylan.

His mother, Alex Hearn, admits she didn’t understand the full implications of concussions till it happened to her son.

“I think people don’t take it as seriously as they probably need to,” said Alex Hearn.

The new measures are a good thing, one very young athlete was made aware of the problems and recovery by a very good ER staff, but the theme of the story and the Act is that coaches have been taking the concussion awareness courses;

That’s why there is now a law in place called the Jake Snakenberg Act. It requires all coaches, like Pigati, to undergo concussion training to look for signs of possible brain injury.  Dylan and Alex Hearn applaud the new measures.

“Well, anyone that has kids knows that kids hit their heads all the time,” said Alex Hearn. “You know they get hurt all the time, but there are certain things that you have to look for.”  Pigati believes a coach’s keen eye can save a life.

In the article there were are few items that I find need to be highlighted;

  • Dylan is only 7
  • Coach Pigati does not coach high school kids, rather the youth
  • Coaches of any sport at any level in Colorado must take the courses
  • Awareness must encompass EVERY facet of the recovery team (kid, parent, doctors, and coaches)
  • Clear and consistent message has helped Dylan

We need more examples of this.  Thanks to my friend @kevinobrienofco for sending this along.

One thought on “Colorado’s “Jake Snakenberg Act”

  1. Nawshad Ali Tanim May 24, 2012 / 07:43

    I personally know Jake and he is a great guy. I love reading other people’s views on this. It really makes a person think.

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