Quiet Weekend

Other than some good football games and the occasional college basketball game the weekend was pretty quiet in terms of concussions.  There were a few players that were taken out of games for quick checks; subsequently only three were listed as concussions:

All three were easy to see on the field plus another in my opinion; Jimmy Graham had a two separate incidents of slamming his head against the turf in San Francisco and not “being himself”, it was OK because we found out later that it as just “back spasms” (see sarcasm).

As the football season winds down we will be focusing on NHL and NBA concussions, the former being a hot issue the later just getting the first concussion of the season: Andrew Bogut of the Milwaukee Bucks.  As always if you know of any professional concussions, tweet or email them in.

On the completely “non-concussion” front I have been reading more lately, here are two quick suggestions:

Ever wonder what is on someones DVR, well here is the list of shows I am behind on:

  • NCIS
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • Mentalist
  • Criminal Minds
  • CSI
  • Flying Wild Alaska
  • And one show I am not going to admit to

Everyone have a good day, hopefully most of you have the day off.

One thought on “Quiet Weekend

  1. Dorothy Bedford January 16, 2012 / 20:21

    First, Dustin: thanks for a great season of insightful NFL observation and commentary.
    Second: The good news from the play-offs: with their teams out, Thomas, Bruton & Graham get to begin their recuperation immediately. Those Graham tumbles were hard to watch! My reading suggestion: Kingpin, by Kevin Poulson.

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