Puck Daddy Interview with David Perron

It has been difficult to get professionals to talk about concussions, not only the injury but the recovery from the injury.  Puck Daddy of Yahoo! Sports has posted an interview with St. Louis Blues player David Perron.  It is some good stuff to read;

What do you think is the biggest misconception about concussions?

It’s tough. When you look at the person, he looks normal. I know myself when I’d go in the room last year, I looked normal to the guys and they would ask how I was feeling. And after a while it kind of gets on your nerves a little bit to get asked 30-40 times a day how you’re feeling. You understand the people around your team are caring about you, but you’re trying to get your mind off of everything and hopefully recovering quickly.

I think the biggest thing is, again, that you look normal to the people [around you]. Andy McDonald is coming back from a concussion. Alex Steen is just around that process who hopefully will come back soon and when you look at them they look normal. Andy Mac is skating right now with us and he’s looking like a real good player out there, but he still has some steps to take before he’s ready to come back.

This is great stuff, and if there are other players out there that want do discuss concussions our inbox is always open for you

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