Tuesday Quick Hits

Kris Dielman would most likely do it all over again.  In a piece done by the Associated Press and posted on ESPN, Dielman explains that the drive for the ring would make him do dumb stuff;

“This was definitely a scare,” said Dielman, known for his hard-nosed, blue-collar demeanor. “Waking up in the hospital with my wife standing over me, that was pretty scary. I don’t scare easy, but that was something different.”

Dielman went on to explain that having a family and kids would most likely make the decision harder, if it were to happen again, to return.  This is the first opportunity the media has had to talk with Dielman, as players on the IR are not allowed to be interviewed by the press.


Marc Staal makes return to ice in Ranger uniform, outdoors in Philly.  Staal had been out since February last year with concussion issues, although after the hit from his brother, Eric, in February the NHL, the Rangers and Staal lied about his condition (surprise /sarcasm) until this training camp.  Staal was out with “lower body”, “leg”, and “illness” issues last year but we have since learned it was the hit from his brother that gave him a concussion and the after-effects that he just now is clearing up from.

Staal saw limited ice time, but after nearly 11 months the NHL has gotten back one of its premiere players;

“To be back in the lineup and part of the team and around the guys is a relief,” Staal said.

Staal made a surprise debut against the Flyers on Monday at Citizens Bank Park and logged a relatively light 12 minutes 41 seconds of ice time. He was on the ice for a penalty kill with less than five minutes left in the Rangers’ 3-2 victory.

Source – NYT


Husain Abdullah of the Minnesota Vikings is facing some tough decisions in the off-season, from 1500espn.com;

The veteran safety will become an unrestricted free agent in March, meaning it isn’t a given he will return to the Minnesota Vikings. Abdullah also said he isn’t certain he will return to the NFL at all.

Abdullah finished the season on injured reserve after suffering a concussion on Nov. 14 at Green Bay. He suffered two concussions during the 2011 season and has had four over the past two seasons.

“I definitely want to play,” he said. “I’ve been playing (football) since I was 8-years old. To have it taken away from me when I can still play that would really hurt. … But if the doctor comes and tells me something I don’t want to hear, then definitely I’ve got to start putting the family first.”

We will continue to see this more and more, as players begin to fully understand the ramifications of repetitive head trauma.


The thoughts of an athlete recovering from concussion.  Willie Mitchell of the Los Angeles Kings provided his feelings to Lisa Dillman in an interview about recover from concussion;

“It’s tough. You can’t do anything. You can’t read. You can’t drive your car. It hurts,” said Mitchell, the Kings defenseman who was then with the Vancouver Canucks. “Living in pain, it’s almost like, I always say, it’s like a snippet into a terminal illness, so to speak. It gives you a little snippet because not only physically it bothers you. But it’s also the emotional aspect of it, as well as that.

Read what Mitchell said in the piece about all the collisions he has taken;

“Think about it, right? The human body is really not supposed to go into those areas,” Mitchell said. “We play this great game. I get in a car wreck six times a night. I do.

“How many people get in a car wreck in their life? I get in a car wreck six times a night, 82 times a year plus playoffs. And this is my 13th season at a professional level.”

If you include 8 playoff games that is 7,020 car wrecks, SEVEN-THOUSAND!!!!


Speaking of hockey, the next Concussion Blog concussion stats are due up around the 10th of this month.  If you haven’t been reading the national press, then you wouldn’t know that there has been a SHARP increase in reported injuries.  Stay tuned…


It is expected that we will have the NFL regular season concussion numbers by Thursday.  There may be a very quick post regarding limited information, but expect a detailed post next week.  WE ARE CONTINUING TO TRACK CONCUSSIONS IN THE POSTSEASON AS WELL.

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