Broken Brain Brilliant Mind

To the new followers of this blog; there is one other blog that I find speaks volumes about the experience of brain injury.  Broken Brain – Brilliant Mind is a blog from a person that basically speaks to the world about how a human being is dealing with the after effects of a brain injury (see about the blog HERE).  BB’s blog is very insightful for those that are dealing with post injury problems or the support groups surrounding those people.

There are many kind of posts but it mostly centers around how BB gets through the struggles that present themselves from day-to-day.  BB recently cross linked a story that I checked out, his post speaks volumes about struggles that many do not understand.  As I read the post today it seemed as though BB was talking about me as well.

The kicker is that BB is really talking about all of us, it just happens that because of the mental anguish that comes along with brain injury sometimes we are better apt to put it down on paper (cyber paper);

We’re all struggling, in a way. I don’t think you can land on this earth and go through life without some measure of difficulty and challenge. Especially if you’re motivated to improve yourself and take things to the next level, you’re going to come across your share of roadblocks, and it’s going to take a toll. The thing is, you can’t let it take too much of a toll on you, or you end up undermining yourself and letting things get the better of you. It’s difficult to bounce back from adversity, when you’re mired in the muck of self-doubt and second-guessing everything that crosses your path.

Which is why I need to step back regularly and take a longer view. I haven’t been doing that as well as I might, these past weeks. There are plenty of reasons for it, all across the spectrum. But causes aside, there is something I can do to move on and get on with it — focus on my future, focus on where I want to be in my life, and put my energy into getting there… rather than spending a lot of energy trying to figure out why I’m not there already.

There’s a lot of life to be lived, and I can’t get there by staying mired in my past. What’s done is done. Time to move on. Maybe it meant what I thought it meant. Maybe it didn’t. No sense in getting hung up on it. Just move on.

Granted, BB is an excellent writer, making his emotion and thoughts palpable, but BB has been struggling to figure out a lot of things since the injury.  Reading BB will only help all those that cannot fathom the “invisible injury” understand what those of us with lingering effects are really tormented with.

One thought on “Broken Brain Brilliant Mind

  1. brokenbrilliant December 25, 2011 / 17:00

    Thanks very much for the mention. Safe travels to you and yours this holiday season.

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