Another Law Suit vs. NFL

The list keeps growing it will be interesting to see what happens next as more and more players seek court rulings about brain injury;

Former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis is one of four ex-NFL players who are suing the league over brain injuries that they say have impaired their post-football lives, according to an Associated Press report.

Lewis and Dorsey  Levens, Fulton Kuykendall and Ryan Stewart, filed the lawsuit against the National Football League and NFL Properties LLC this week in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, saying the NFL knew as early as the 1920s of the potential for concussions to harm its players but only went public last year.

One of our commenters (“Joe Blogs”)has a theory;

It is a problem but the more boards keeps commenting the NFL will be held to a standard instead of just spinning nonsense.

The same holds true for the decades of bogus research. The NFL concussion committee was formed in 1994 and cooked research for 15 years. While the NFLPA and NFL have bought off many researchers in the new committee and the old committee is still involved including Joe Wakerle (only member held over), Joe Maroon (Impact, Penguins, Steelers), Mark Lovell (Impact, Penguins, Steelers), , Ira Casson (Jets), and Eliot Pellman (NFL) are still influencing policy.

Now that the NFL is being sued in multiple jurisdictions, the smart move is to fight and fudge and then through the corrupt docs under the bus.

Some lawyer will use the docs as a fulcrum to get to the NFL and the NFL will feed them to the fishes. Once the docs figure out this is logical strategy and the rest of their known lives will be consumed by court appearances they will rollover. I am sure their malpractice insurance companies are tunnelling out of their obligations as they will not pay for fraud. I am also sure the insurers will enforce limits of liability strictly so many of the medical professionals will need to dip deeply into their own pockets for defense.

Expect divide and conquer. Our job is to keep the leagues honest and keep the kids safe.

3 thoughts on “Another Law Suit vs. NFL

  1. Don Brady, PhD, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist December 26, 2011 / 09:38

    I think these lawsuits serve as warnings to ATRs and other professionals assessing, managing and making RTP decisions regarding sport-related concussions. Furthermore, professionals need to be aware of valid critiques of concussion assessment and management procedures and corresponding RTP protocols, and not discount these critiques.

    Furthermore, given the many faces / symptoms of a concussion, it seems imperative that ALL possible symptoms of a concussion need to be adequately assessed and managed each time an athlete suffers a concussion.

    I also suggest professionals become aware of the particulars of the Merril Hoge lawsuit and successful jury verdict. Hoge was reportedly awarded $1.45 million and $100,000 for pain and suffering (Cain, 2009).

    Finally, readers of this blog are encouraged to be familiar with the contents of the following article that appeared in the Rutgers Law Journal (Vol. 40:697):

    “It’s Just a Concussion:” The National Football League’s denial of a causal link between multiple concussions and later-life cognitive decline

  2. pliska December 26, 2011 / 09:45

    Dear Jamal Lewis,

    Ever use cocaine?
    Ever use any other illicit drugs?
    Ever take steroids or other performance enhancers?

    • Joe Bloggs December 26, 2011 / 12:32

      This line of reasoning is one promoted by the NFL through the offices of Joe Maroon, MD, Pittsburgh Steelers Doctor and owner of Impact.

      While Maroon says PEDs are bad for the brain in athletes he actively promotes the same compounds in the aging as a fountain of youth. Next Don Siegel’s work at Emory has indicated that certain hormones and hormone precurers mitigate brain injury.

      Finally, it is widely understood that amphetatimines can stimulate damaged areas of the brain to enhance lost attention. It has been reported that some player use adderall to enahnce their performance on ImPact to game the test after injury. Adderall is an amphtetamine.


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