Tuesday Quick Hits

It has returned, the Quick Hitters…  Let’s begin…

Toradol and concussions, not such a good combination and former NFL players are suing the league for its rampant use;

It’s one of about a half-dozen suits filed against the NFL in recent months by past players who say the league did not do enough to protect them from concussions. As in other complaints against the league, the latest criticizes the NFL’s original committee on brain injuries and says the league concealed risks of concussions.

“The difference with this case is what we’ve learned from our players is that they used to administer a drug called Toradol, which is basically a painkiller … even when players didn’t have symptoms,” Seeger said in a telephone interview. “Our experts say that’s the worst thing you can do for a brain injury or a concussion.”

I have witnessed the pregame ritual of Toradol injections (to clarify not in an NFL locker room), and for some cases it was the only way players could play.  However Toradol is intended for trauma and can mask a lot of issues/pain including symptoms of concussions.  In fact the use of Toradol has been banned in Europe for certain uses.


The two most recent “faces” of concussion and the long road to recovery of mismanaged concussions ‘faced off’ on Monday as Sidney Crosby and Patrice Burgeron’s teams played on Monday with the Bruins winning;

Patrice Bergeron of the Bruins is one of Crosby’s friends and, as Michael Farber wrote for SI, a fellow member of the Brotherhood of the Concussion. Bergeron missed close to a year after a concussion on Oct. 27, 2007; he’s been asked on a dozen occasions about Crosby’s rehab and return to the NHL. Via Joe Haggerty of CSNNE.com


Packers perform the right mechanism for Charles Woodson as he incurs a concussion;

Woodson suffered the injury going up against Hakeem Nicksin the end zone early in the fourth. The pass fell incomplete, but Woodson went to the locker room shortly thereafter and did not return.

However, the Packers are optimistic that he will return this week.  Here is my chance to opine that players with a concussion should be medically suspended for one week.  This should also be met with the NFL allowing a roster move from the practice squad to replace the player with a concussion without having to put them on IR.


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