Homework Assignment

After some discussion with other football people I thought it would be a good assignment for everyone that has access to the information to breakdown concussions from the past fall.  A simple tweet, email or comment in this thread will be just fine for this “non-scientific” data gathering.

I would like to see the ratio/splits of concussions in high school football between those that played one level exclusively compared to those that played multiple levels.  I am speaking of players that played freshman and junior varsity, or varsity and junior varsity, or freshman and fresh-soph, etc.

For example we had 7 concussions this past football season and all of them were from those that played multiple levels.  There were ZERO concussions from players that were exclusively on one level.  From informal texts and calls from surrounding schools there is a disproportionate amount of concussions from those that play multiple levels.

I would like to see what you have, maybe it is isolated…

One thought on “Homework Assignment

  1. Michael Hopper December 1, 2011 / 22:28

    Dustin, all of my concussions this fall were players only one level of football. Most of them came in practice…

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