Kris Letang Injury – Pittsburgh Penguins

I was notified of this injury/incident from @beezee05 on Saturday as it unfolded.  Since I had no way of watching what had happened the initial information was via twitter.  From the reports I gathered that Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins was hit in the head by a check from Max Pacioretty that not only dropped Letang but produced the appearance of unsteadiness after the hit.  Here is the hit;

Not only did Pacioretty’s shoulder make principal contact with the head (agreed upon and explained by Brendan Shanahan of the NHL), Letang was having a difficult time maintaining his steadiness on all fours.  Not to mention the blood pouring from his nose.  Granted hockey players are tough, it appears that there was more than a “broken nose” on that play.  The signs are there, albeit subtle, of a concussion.  Add to the fact that Letang needed assistance from teammates to get to the bench, seen here (NSFW);

Knowing and seeing this one would assume that with the NHL tightening down the rules/regulations on concussions and Letang on a team that has dealt with the after effects of the seemingly innocent hit to the head of Sidney Crosby at the end of the Winter Classic last January; Letang would have been removed for the remainder of the game.

You would be WRONG, Letang returned and then scored the game winning goal.

WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?  Not only did he return in the game he was slated to play in the next game until he was sent home for “re-evaluation” of his injury;

The Penguins were without defensemen Kris Letang (broken nose) and Zbynek Michalek (undisclosed injury) on Tuesday night. Each player will be re-evaluated Wednesday in Pittsburgh for precautionary reasons, coach Dan Bylsma said after a 4-3 loss to the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

Looks like the Penguins need to take a look at the broken nose one more time, after all there is no way he could be experiencing “concussion-like symptoms” after a hit to the head. [/sarcasm]

Seems as though the Pittsburgh area professional athletes are getting confusing “diagnoses”, muddying the water even more in the awareness and management of concussions.

One thought on “Kris Letang Injury – Pittsburgh Penguins

  1. Joe Bloggs November 30, 2011 / 12:18

    Another fine effort by UPMC and their buddy Rueben Echemendyia. All part of the same flock. Keep ’em playing we have money to make.

    On the other hand, the NCAA is getting sued so maybe they will find themselves better occupied in court.

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