Gronk: Epitome Of The NFL

Although the awareness is much better, there still remains a stigma associated with concussions.  This problem is not just an NFL problem, it is a sports problem; from the professional level all the way down to youth leagues.  Nothing more clearly shows this than a comment from Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots last night.

After landing on his head and stumbling to his feet (watching the replay you can see a concerned official come racing in to check on him), he emphatically spiked the ball and resumed play.  The initial reaction was very similar to other incidents where the results were concussions or even “dirt in the eye”.  When asked about it “Gronk” laughed it off saying; “I remember the moment and everything… If I didn’t I still wouldn’t even say I didn’t. I’m trying to play this week.” (Also covered on ProFootballTalk)

This comment was on the post game interview on ESPN and really didn’t surprise me one bit.  Players are conditioned to avoid situations where they will miss games, including knowing the “correct” answers when questioned.  No one should be shocked by this, likewise no one should be stunned to know that kids the age of 13 and 14 have the same comments.

Heck I have heard kids tell me to my face this exact thing; then the wonder why we as medical professionals are very cautious about letting them return.

Next time Gronk simply say; “I was fine at the time but I will be checked out a bit later and tomorrow to make sure.”  Set a positive example rather than give credence to the stigma.

4 thoughts on “Gronk: Epitome Of The NFL

  1. Joe Bloggs November 22, 2011 / 16:13

    Rest assured he will pass ImPact and be good to go.

    Of course, ten or twenty years from now when no one will pay his insurance he might have other thoughts if he is capable of reasoning.

    • Yoda November 22, 2011 / 17:11

      Just how many players are incapable of reasoning at this point in time?

  2. Yoda November 22, 2011 / 17:10

    You are far more likely to die from smoking or drinking than a concussion. In fact, concussions don’t kill. Second impact syndrome, cardiac events, plane crashes, drunk drivers…… those kill you.

    • Joe Bloggs November 22, 2011 / 18:29


      If you are acquainted with the NFL 88 plan, more than 200 vested players receive funding for care related to dementia, ALS and MS. It is not a coindence that many are suffering the results of decades of head trauma from youth through their professional careers. Sit with some damaged division 1 vets and retired pros, more than you believe cannot reason.

      Multiple concussions and years of subconcussive events will leave many players mentally and physically useless later in life. Second Impact deaths are rare but the slow death associated with progressive neurological disease is worse than a quick exit.

      It is unclear whether people who play long enough are at less risk of death via head injury vs. drinking and smoking. You should also note that children under 21 are not allowed to smoke or drink. By your logic, maybe we should ban collision sports for youth, too.

      Stay simple.

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