Complete Misinformation

I was looking at articles for the week and tripped across this one from by Tim Leone and was shocked at what I read; an entire article devoted to misinforming the public about mouthgear;

The Maher Mouth Guard doesn’t protect teeth. The intent of the device is to help reduce the incidence and severity of concussions through cushioning and proper jaw alignment.

Reducing the incidence would insinuate that this product can prevent concussions.  If concussions are a random event that no known product can attenuate or prevent, there is nothing that a simple piece of plastic can do in a mouth.  For the inventor to say such things is not only misinforming but fraudulent, period;

“I wish there was such a product on the market,” said Kutcher, quoted in the Los Angeles Times. “The simple truth is that no current helmet, mouth guard, headband or other piece of equipment can significantly prevent concussions from occurring.”

Maher doesn’t take issue with Kutcher.

“In a way, I agree with that statement,” Maher said. “I would never say that if you wear my guard you are protected from concussions. What the guard does is it will lessen the incidence of concussions.

This nor any other product with LESSEN THE INCIDENCE OF CONCUSSION.  Anyone making such claims are trying the “long-con” on you as the consumer.

This was the best comment in the entire article;

Silvis noted that improved safety technology in helmets and more vigilant policing of head shots in pro hockey will have to be factored into the analysis.

As if to note that the MG may have little to no effect on the overall concussions on that team or others.

We have posted many times about this bald-faced lie this company continues to promote – including comments from visitors at the site, every time we get defense about research studies like the one the cited in the article “2009 CO-AUTHORED STUDY”.  How anyone can gleam independence with that article is beyond us here at The Concussion Blog.

This company is doing nothing but using fraud to sell a product, period.


3 thoughts on “Complete Misinformation

  1. Tracey Mayer November 14, 2011 / 08:46

    Wow, that’s crazy that he would make a claim insinuating that a mouth guard will help reduce the incidence of a concussion. Please do not speak as an expert when you clearly are not qualified.

  2. Andrew December 3, 2011 / 14:16


    I’m a little confused. You claim that “If concussions are a random event that no known product can attenuate or prevent, there is nothing that a simple piece of plastic can do in a mouth.”

    By saying “if”, (and because of our lack of knowledge on concussions) is it not entirely possible that concussions aren’t a random event, and that there ma”y in fact be some variables at play which can be affected by perhaps, the way your jaw is aligned when you receive a hit? We don’t know what causes concussions, but that doesn’t mean we know for certain that mouth guards can’t help. You’ve assumed the proposition that your conclusion is based on, and it needs to be proven first.

    Who is “Silvis”? How do you know what she means by “factored into the analysis”? Based on her comment, it seems that “improved safety technology” may be a relevant factor, further detracting from your argument! I don’t understand how you make the leap.

    I feel like either I am missing something or this is just a terribly written article.

    • Dustin Fink December 3, 2011 / 19:40

      Concussions are caused by the brain sustaining a traumatic force. This can be a blow to the head or body (which includes the jaw). However because the brain resides in fluid, suspended in the skull, the impact to the jaw alone, that did not create a translation of the skull thus moving/insulting the brain it cannot create a concussion. Concussions are a random event, placing anything in the mouth will do nothing to change that… As for a poorly written post, maybe… Thanks for visiting…

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