Xenith Teams With App Maker

Xentih, the most recent helmet company is teaming up with PAR Inc. the producers of the CRR app as part of the concussion education platform.  Below is the press release;

Xenith offers CRR Application as part of Xenith Academy, an educational curriculum designed to reduce risk in football at all levels of play.

LOWELL, Mass., Nov. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Xenith LLC has today announced a partnership with PAR Inc., and its newly developed Concussion Recognition and Response (CRR) Mobile Application.  As a result of this partnership, Xenith and PAR Inc. will work together to educate coaches, administrators, parents, and athletic trainers nationwide on signs, symptoms and recognition of concussions.  The application, developed by Gerard A. Gioia, PhD, and Jason Mihalik, PhD, is designed to assist in recognizing the signs and symptoms of a suspected concussion, allowing for a quick and appropriate response. The application takes less than 5 minutes to administer and is iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android compatible. “We are extremely excited to partner with Xenith to enhance safety for athlete populations,” said CRR co-author Dr. Gerry Gioia. “We continue to be impressed with both Xenith’s innovative technology and their company-wide mission to improve education and awareness. We look forward to working collectively to improve safety measures nationwide.”

As a result of this partnership, Xenith and PAR Inc. will provide the CRR Application to the entire Snoop Youth Football League, making this the first ever league-wide adoption of CRR. The application will also be available on Xenith’s newly developed Xenith Academy, an online educational risk reduction Curriculum available to athletes, coaches, parents and league administrators. “Proper recognition and management of injuries are critical parts of a complete risk reduction strategy, and CRR technology assists in that process,” said Xenith Founder and CEO Vin Ferrara. “Dr. Mihalik and Dr. Gioia are leaders in the field of concussion research, and I look forward to working with them on this initiative.”

Xenith is the Official Safety Partner of The Snoop Youth Football League, founded by Hip-Hop superstar Snoop Dogg.  “We are thrilled to implement the CRR system league-wide into the SYFL,” said SYFL Commissioner Haamid Wadood.  “We will ensure that every coach, parent, and League President has access to this new technology. We thank Xenith for its support as our Official Safety Partner.”

About Xenith: Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, Xenith’s innovative helmets are designed to adapt to varying levels of impact energy and direction through the response of the patented technology, Xenith Adaptive Head Protection®. Xenith’s Fit Seeker Technology is designed to keep the helmet secure during impact. Xenith helmets have been worn by over 100,000 athletes at all levels of play.

For more information about Xenith and Xenith Academy, visit: www.xenith.com

For more information about Concussion Recognition & Response visit: http://crr.parinc.com


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