Broken Brain Brilliant Writing

This profound article comes from a blogger (really a very good writer), his site is Broken Brain — Brilliant Mind; Using the infinite mind to overcome the limits of the brain…  Including Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Survival Strategy and Tactics.  If you have taken the time to follow his stylings you will find out that this self-taught individual has the proper perspective on all things related to head injuries.

It has been far too long that BB has not appeared on this site; for the life of me I don’t know why.  I was cruising the site yesterday and found a wonderful authored article about what is happening to your brain when you get a concussion.  I would love to re-print the entire article here but that would be dirty pool.  In lieu of that I will post some very good sections and implore you to click on THIS LINK to read the entire post.

Because everything is “off” just a tiny bit, and it can create a huge amount of insecurity and anxiety and stress in your life, trying to figure out why the hell everything is working wrong, all of a sudden. On top of your own confusion and frustrations, you’re suddenly surrounded by a whole truckload of people who also wonder why the hell you’re “off” … and whose patience is getting shorter by the day (sometimes by the hour).

What – did you suddenly become an idiot? Did you suddenly get stupid? What’s wrong with you?

Actually, there’s nothing wrong with you — your brain has gotten its wiring scrambled a bit. The old connections that you built up over years and years have been disrupted, and your brain has to work all the harder to find new ways of making those old connections to do its job. It tires you out. and when it tires you out, it makes your brain work even less well than before. Everything’s messed up, and nothing makes sense. And the worse things get… well, the worse things get.


It’s literally like the aftermath of a storm, the hours and days and weeks after a concussion or traumatic brain injury. Looking at pictures of the recent storms in the northeast, I’m reminded of TBI challenges. From house to house, from block to block, from town to town, you just don’t know till you investigate or go there, how much damage has happened. And you sometimes can’t tell from looking, what kind of infrastructure damage has taken place. A structure that looks sound may have significant cracks in the foundation. Or a bridge that looks like it’s out for good might be easy to repair.

2 thoughts on “Broken Brain Brilliant Writing

  1. Holly Roloff November 2, 2011 / 23:56

    My 21 year old son has not been diagnosed, but as a mom I know he has CTE I need to find good doctor in utah, my son has had 7 head concussions first at 9 months old ,freestyle skier, two mountain bike accidents one bad skate board accidents , 5 years little leage football, competed pro level freestyle skiing, final car wreck he has been suffering for two years he is in denial, suicidal , i need a doc that understands this he has had horrible treatment, after accident head hit tree car went threw brick house, next day competed at a rail jam then droppedto ground went to er, then orthopedic doctor then three months of chiropractic, adjusting head three time week, he has shut his live down , went to therapy waste time help

  2. brokenbrilliant November 3, 2011 / 21:39

    Hey there – thanks for the mention! Much appreciated. Keep up your great work.

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