Sunday Slants

For your early reading on a Sunday here are a couple of stories; like the slant route quick hitting but you have the opportunity to go further if you wish.

Misleading Headline

Chargers’ Dielman out for two games after concussion, seizure“…  To put a definite number on return to play is WRONG for all brain injuries; although the article hints at a longer out period the headline is poor at best.  And guess what it was published by the NFL.


Misleading Nomenclature

There was another concussion in NCAA hoop as UConn player Andre Drummond broke his nose and was diagnosed with a concussion, but according to the player it was only “mild”;

“This sucks,” Drummond wrote. “Mild concussion and I broke my nose. Worst day ever.”



Misleading a Player

Quite possibly one of the worst revelations we have seen in sports an athlete, professional soccer player Taylor Twellman, was intentionally misled into playing;

Former New England Revolution star Taylor Twellman said Friday that the Major League Soccer team ignored his symptoms of multiple concussions, even sending him back on the field after he said “I have a concussion” following the hit that eventually forced him to retire.

The keynote speaker at a conference on brain trauma, Twellman said the trainer instead asked him his name, the score of the game and to count backward from 100 before telling him he doesn’t have a concussion and sending him back into the game.

What a shame, on the athletic trainer and the team; unfortunately this still occurs, not only in pro sports but at the adolescent level.


Misleading a Test

Not surprising at all.  Players intentionally sandbagging the computerized tests to possibly make return to play easier after a concussion.  One of the toughest negative factors facing the NP tests.


That will be all for today, enjoy a football Sunday.  Here is to hoping that we don’t hear of “concussion-like symptoms” today.  By the way, what in Hates is concussion-like symptoms?  And why is that allowed as a partial diagnosis?

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