Snee Talks About Recent Concussion

Chris Snee of the New York Giants sustained a concussion in a game versus the Seahawks, he has never experienced this injury before.  He recently gave and interview to and Mazzeo openly discussing what he went through;

“It was scary to think that you’re going to pass out on the field,” said Snee, who missed the Buffalo game because he couldn’t pass baseline tests during the week of practice prior to the contest. “I’ve been fortunate not to have one before.”

On Monday, Snee practiced for the first time since sustained the concussion. He says he’s been headache free for over a week, and added that he feels good, no longer hampered by sensitivity to light.

“The headaches and the week of fog that I was in was not fun, but I got cleared and I’m ready to go again,” Snee said.

It is refreshing that athletes, particularly the professional ones are starting to discuss what is happening, not only as it pertains to missing games (Snee’s games played was snapped) but personally; like how it affected his family.  It would be great to hear from more athletes as we begin to wipe this stigma away.

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