Central Illinois Conference (Semi-Live Blog)

Although I would like to live blog about the conference today in Clinton, I don’t think I will have the time but I can recap what has happened and will happen today.

I would first like to say I am extremely impressed with the attendance today, a very diverse audience: doctors, state administrators, athletic trainers, coaches, teachers and students.

Clinton High School Principal Ron Conner put together this conference today as he felt the adolescent athlete needs special attention so he put together this presentation with the help of Matt Munjoy, MHA, ATC.

The first speaker was Robert Keller, MD, a orothopedic surgeon that spoke on ACL injuries, the pathology, the evaluation, the surgery, recovery and prevention of ACL injuries.  Dr. Keller clearly identified that females may be more exposed to this significant injury than male counterparts.  A very good view/information from a surgeon.

The next speaker was Wendell Becton, MD, a sports medicine physician (also of the St. Louis Cardinals) in central Illinois.  His topic was one that we hear little about, the growth plate fractures that happen in youth sports.  The identification of the injury is very important, usually only by imaging techniques.  Dr. Becton also said that if the injury is caught early enough the athlete can recover ‘relatively’ quickly.  To prevent possible growth plate fractures that do not occur from trauma, modifying the weight training and ballistic movements of those that are in the “open growth plate phase”.  A good topic.

Up Next is Jeff Rounds, MS, ATC as he will discuss strength training the adolescent.  I know he will touch on functional movements and over training.

Then comes me and concussions.

I see that the conference is being taped, so I will attempt to get a copy and then put up at least the concussion portion.

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