Sport Injury Conference

Understanding that time is valuable to just about everyone, I apologize for the late notice on this event.  The event will conclude around noon after the last speaker – this guy.  Here are the deets:

  • FREE
  • Wednesday October 19th
  • 8-12pm
  • Clinton High School, Clinton, IL
  • Intended audience; health care providers, school personnel, youth coaches
  • Register online HERE
  • Topics include: youth strength training, ACL injuries, growth plate injuries, concussions
  • Small write-up from conference host;

Having surveyed the need for a conference which addresses sports injuries by experts in the field, Clinton High School will host what I hope is the first annual sports injuries/prevention conference.  Having served on the IHSA Board of Directors for eight years and having coached many sports when I was right out of college, I have found that we have many coaches, physical education teachers, and lay youth sports coaches, that truly need educated on injuries and how to prevent them.  And of great prominence in the national news of late is the topic of concussions.  Because of this, we have gathered several “experts” in the field to come together for three and a half hours to “inform” you about the topics without any cost.

I do want to mention that I would encourage your youth coaches in your community to avail themselves to this as most of them have no formal training in the area of injuries and how to prevent them.

There is no charge for this and donuts and drinks will be furnished at the beginning of the conference.  Dr. Marty Hickman, the Executive Director of the IHSA will open the conference, followed by Dr. Brett Keller, who is an orthopedic surgeon from Bloomington.  Following him will be Dr. Wendell Becton, who is the Director of Sports Medicine at Decatur Memorial Hospital and one of the team physicians for the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team.

I truly hope this is beneficial to our “youth” and staff that watch over them and it is my intent to see this happen annually, long after I am gone, for the sake of all children.


Ron Conner, Principal, Clinton High School, IHSA Division V Board of Directors


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