Lucky To Be Alive

Adrian Padilla is lucky to be back where he wants to be, on September 19th he suffered a major brain injury that required emergency removal of part of his skull.  The fact that it was taken care of in time to save his life is a great thing, but after reading a story about his triumphant return to watching his teammates there was a passage that has me extremely concerned;

Padilla can recall everything that happened leading up to when he collapsed on the sideline at the San Luis Obispo game.

He said he had suffered a minor concussion two weeks before the game, but felt well enough to play. Everything seemed normal until he blitzed the quarterback leading with his helmet.

“After that, I got up and ran to the sideline and told coach what happened. He told me to go sit down, and I tried going to the bench and moving some bags. Then I collapsed,” Padilla said. “The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital four days later.”

The fact that Padilla recognized that he had a brain injury prior to the game that nearly ended his life is telling.  He was AWARE, but what was done for him?  All we can gather in the article is that he felt well enough to play.  There was no indication that he had been seen by a medical professional let alone cleared by one.  And was there an athletic trainer on the sidelines or at his school?

It is good that people are aware, but what is getting done?  Padilla was extremely lucky, how can we as a collective group move forward to now put proper management in motion?  Granted events like this will occur on the sidelines with proper medical teams in place, but those will be few and far between if handled correctly.  If we leave it up to the players to make decisions this type of event will continue to happen and the “50/50 chance” of survival will be played out many more times.

Good luck to Padilla in his future endeavors, maybe we all can learn from this incident.


In an incident in Kansas, a player Jadon Adams, was rushed to a hospital in critical condition after he sustained an apparent brain injury.  Not extremely newsworthy, except for the fact that he had been complaining of a headache during the week and was released to play;

Adams said Jadon had been complaining of headaches earlier in the week but had been cleared to play football that Friday.

Adams is very luck to be alive as well.  Early reports have it that Adams’s team does not employ an athletic trainer, another issue at hand.

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