Tuesday Quick Hits

A quick buzz around the net on a Tuesday morning.

NHL handing out suspensions and fines like candy for illegal hits;

In the pre-season, hardly a day went by without a new video. Most players applauded the crackdown but others worried it may turn NHL hockey into no-hit shinny.

Nine players have been slapped with 31 regular season games worth of suspensions for incidents in exhibition games. Together, they will forfeit more than US$701,000 in salary.


NFL to create a better study;

The N.F.L’s first attempt at a long-range study on the effects of concussions was riddled with problems from the manner in which data was collected to conflicts of interest for those overseeing it. After criticism from outside experts and even members of Congress, the study was shut down by the league in late 2009.

The previous study run by Ira Carson, MD was a joke from the beginning and this one seems to much more transparent and studying the correct people.  Initial reports have the study examining upwards of 1,400 individuals in three groups: former NFL’ers, college football players not playing in the NFL, and a control group.  The official presentation to Commissioner Goodell has yet to occur but is going to happen soon.


Crosby officially out;

The team placed Crosby on the injured list Monday, a move that was a technicality since the former MVP had not been activated since his season ended prematurely last January.

Crosby, who is continuing to recover from concussion-like symptoms, has been skating with the Penguins since training camp opened but has not yet been cleared for contact.

He could be activated at any time, as he’s already served the required week on the injured list under NHL rules.

Quick aside here, what in the world are “concussion-like symptoms”?  Why do people find it necessary to dance around the “c” word, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it is a “duck-like animal”.  OK, that out-of-the-way it seems that Crosby has made more strides since we last heard from him, from what we can gather it seems that contact is the only hurdle left to clear.  I would like to propose this; if the NHL were to ban any head contact you would see Sid the Kid earlier on the ice.


Speaking of hockey, the NHL 11-12 season opens on Friday and there have been a rash of concussion, head, “upper body”, and “undisclosed” injuries in the preseason.  Finding reports on how the incidents occurred have been easier than I anticipated.  Most of the injuries have come from unanticipated contact, some contact to the head; few if any of the hits have been penalized.  Finally former players are speaking out;

 Jesse Pearson, Jesse Wallin and Ryan Cuthbert never played against each other during their hockey careers, but all three Western Hockey League coaches share one common bond.

They had their dreams of long NHL careers crushed with the worst word and hottest topic in hockey circles these days — concussions.

To this day, all three still feel the lingering effects of their multiple concussions in their career. Between them all, they’ve sustained roughly 20 concussions over a combined 20 years of playing the game.

Headaches, nausea, memory loss and depression — all three WHL grads know what NHL stars like Sidney Crosby are going through. They’ve lived it.

“It’s been life-changing,” said Pearson, who’s in his first year as an assistant coach with the Edmonton Oil Kings.


Frustration with actual NFL data on concussions is now growing.  Not because I believe that some players and support groups do not tell the entire story – that is a given – rather, as teams go on bye’s they are not required to report any injury.  Because of this players going on bye have 10 days to become “normal” so they are not reported on the injury list.  This is the time when I rely upon the team reporters and other sources heavily.  Believe me your work is greatly appreciated, keep it up.


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