Win A Free Helmet

Schutt Sports is giving away a new helmet a week to anyone sending photos via their Facebook page and getting the most “likes”.  I can think of an athletic trainer (or two) that would LOVE to get some new helmets for their programs.  Heck parents may want to go this route as well;

Schutt will post a new challenge on its Facebook wall every Wednesday, instructing fans to go online and find specific types of photos showing Schutt gear in action. Participants have until the following Tuesday night to find a qualifying photo, post it to Schutt’s Facebook wall and recruit the most “likes” for their entry. The person whose photo earns the most likes by the end of the week wins a free Schutt helmet of his/her choice. Winners can also choose the color and style of their new helmet and facemask.

Good Luck!!!

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