MLB Concussion Update #8

As the regular season is winding down concussions in the MLB quickly took a bump.  The last time we updated you there were 9 reported concussions with another four in question.  This week with the return of symptoms for Justin Morneau, Chase Utley taking a ball off his helmet and Francisco Cervelli having symptoms after a collision; our listing now includes 11 players, officially.

Speaking of Utley, I love Will Carroll’s take on the semantics of the injury from his weekly UTK;

“The lightest of concussions” was how the Phillies phrased things after Utley was hit in the head. I’m not going to go all soapbox on you, but saying things like that don’t help. There are gradations, but does anyone say, “just a small heart attack,” or, “a light little cancer”? No, they don’t. Justin Morneau’s concussion didn’t seem like that big a deal at the time. Luckily, the deeds are better than the words here, as the Phillies are not just following the protocols, but making sure that Utley is getting the best care.

Last season we documented all the DL and concussion listings for MLB for the past 10 years; with 2010 having the highest number, ten.  The average over that time was 3.67 concussions per year, obviously there is more awareness about the injury and the additional 7-day DL distinction for concussions that possibly allow for more numbers reported.

Baseball is a good case for awareness/reporting issues as this sport is not a collision sport and with the advent of helmets and protective equipment for the catcher I think it would be logical to say the actual injury may have been decreasing over time.  However, we don’t see that because the awareness and reporting of the injury has been lagging for a very long time.

Here is the list of players (1-12 are official/used 7-day DL or were listed by team, 13-16 are cases that were not official but make sense);

  1. Erick Almonte
  2. Chris Dickerson
  3. Brian Roberts
  4. Denard Span
  5. Ronny Cedeno
  6. Craig Gentry
  7. Matt Treanor
  8. David Freese
  9. Al Albuquerque
  10. Justin Morneau
  11. Chase Utley
  12. Francisco Cervelli

13-16 are; Marlon Byrd, Jose Bautistia, Orlando Hudson and Juan Niciaso.

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