Footy Concussion Update: End of Regular Season

The Concussion Blog is now tracking the concussions of another collision sport, one with very good media coverage, albeit not in North America.  Aussie Rules Football and its professional league AFL have had an issue with concussion in the past and as we have seen on videos here, they can be scary.  With the help of Sportal we will be compiling the concussions on a weekly basis.

As the regular season has come to an end – with my favorite team taking the top spot (Magpies) – we have finalized the concussion incidence from Down Under.

It should come as no surprise that concussions have been seemingly low for a sport with a ton of full speed collisions; a lot of them coming “unannounced” and unexpectedly, the most prevalent way of sustaining a concussive blow.  There were 374 games played in the season with only 46 found concussions (some of them were classified concussion via the Fink Rule).

Each week there were 1.9 concussions on the grounds for a 0.122 concussions/game.  Perhaps this is an accurate sampling, but from all of our outreach to Australia and basically getting the cold shoulder on this particular injury in their National sport I am a skeptic.  Regardless this sport predisposes the athletes to concussions; with a concussion rate at or below the sport of soccer, questions will still remain.

I will honor a team with the award of “Knowing Concussions” because they had the highest reported concussions, leading me to believe that this club knows their stuff and are not “hiding” the injury.  Yes, you can take that as a shot to remaining majority of teams, including players, as NOT KNOWING about concussions – rather refusing to get a firm handle on the situation.  Here are the team breakdowns;

  • Reporting ZERO concussions in a 24 week season and winning the award “You Can’t Be Serious”; a tie – Port Adelaide and Sydney
  • Reporting ONE concussion and winning the award “C’mon Now”; Fremantle, Gold Coast, Melbourne, West Coast and Western
  • Reporting TWO concussions and winning the award “Be Honest”; Collingwood
  • Reporting THREE concussions and winning the award “Rushed Behind”; Carlton, Hawthorn, North Melbourne and Richmond
  • Reporting FOUR concussions and winning the award “Good Mark”; Brisbane and Essendon
  • Reporting FIVE concussions and winning the award “Goal”; Adelaide and St. Kilda
  • Reporting NINE concussions and winning the award “Knowing Concussions”; Geelong

Good on ya Geelong for making this injury less “trivial” down under.

Good Luck to all the teams, especially the Magpies, in the Finals!

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