Another New Helmet

Last week we focused on the Austin Collie prototype helmet that we discovered via still images.  I am working very hard on cracking the case with firm information, a lot of hearsay abound. In the meantime I have also discovered that there is ANOTHER new helmet on the field this year, I have found it on the head of Steven Jackson of the St. Louis Rams.

While tying to get the information for the Collie helmet, I tripped upon Rawlings website where they are promoting an adult version of their youth helmet they have previously manufactured; the NRG Quantum, surfing through the site I saw Jackson wearing the helmet I was unaware existed.  Next, I looked at pictures from camp and did in fact Continue reading

IndyCar Concussion: Pippa Mann

Photo Courtesy of @djcraske

Pippa Mann will not be in the starting grid for the New Hampshire IZOD IndyCar race today.  The story from only makes mention that she and her team have withdrawn, and that further tests are necessary back in Indianapolis.  However when it comes to Indy Racing we have a very good source, @djcraske, he submitted the following;

Unfortunately, I have another concussion to report to you.

  • Driver: Pippa Mann
  • Hometown: Ipswich, England
  • Age: Just turned 28 on Thursday
  • Team: Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing
  • Race: 225 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon, NH

From her Twitter Account (@PippaMann), these are her last 2 tweets: Continue reading

Austin Collie 4.0? UPDATE


The Indianapolis Colts wide receiver has been through a lot the past year while dealing with concussions.  In fact last season I went on record to clear up the actual number of concussions he sustained last year.  Collie had three concussions last season and now in an effort to minimize his risks this year he sought out Bill Simpson;

And he reportedly has been working with auto racing safety expert Bill Simpson to design a new football helmet. Collie could not confirm those reports Thursday.

“That is for him to comment on,” he said. “No comment.”

The helmet Collie has been wearing at Anderson University appears to have more padding in the back, and its shape seems slightly different than a regulation helmet.

Last weekend when Will Carroll and I met up in Effingham, Illinois we were wondering about just this, however we had not heard anything, Continue reading

Great Blog Post

@PirateATC like many of us practicing athletic trainers is dealing with a huge issue that Emergency Departments keep overlooking; traditional imaging techniques WILL NOT show mTBI/concussion.  I don’t know where the information is being lost but this particular ED is not the only one.  Check out his frustration;

The fallacy that I am referring to is the notion that a CT scan or an MRI is sensitive to the presence of a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI).  These two scans are simply taking pictures of the structures in body.  They save us from being forced to do exploratory surgery to see what is going on inside the body.  They are NOT sensitive to changes at the cellular level and detecting the ions that cross the cell membranes and create the symptoms that we refer to as mTBI or concussion.

Click on the link above to see the entire post.

It takes hard work and sitting down with the doctors to get through the proper information.  I recently did a brochure for a local hospital and spoke to some very smart and intimidating individuals about concussions.  It’s not often that an athletic trainer HAS to be the one who educates doctors, but it is something that must be done.  At the very least we must seek out doctors that are peers to the ED MD’s to get the information across.

Can Small Schools (Districts) Handle The Concussion Issue?

With all the measures now being put into place a very interesting question is: can all high schools handle this?  The simple answer to this is: NO!

Required education for the coaches, parents and kids can only go so far; I have even touted this as the most important factor.  However, once there is “live fire” will it all sink in?  I believe it will, but not for all.  From personal experience, the high school I am at we have been hard at the awareness part for the above mentioned “players” in the concussion game and there has not been a 100% retention on the information or actions.  I would say that roughly 75-85% of those involved have grasped the information and action points.  I feel that our school is in a rather unique position as well; one of vigilant follow-up and re-education, almost to the point of annoyance.  How many schools have this going on?  Continue reading

Irv Muchnick and Concussion Inc. Exclusive

On August 8th, Irv Muchnick posted on Concussion Inc. an exclusive story about the possible “smoking gun” that the plaintiffs (former NFL players) now have in their pocket regarding concussion information in the pending law suit.  The basics of the argument the former players have is the NFL knowingly disregarded information about player safety as it pertains to long-term effects of concussions;

Now comes a new piece of the puzzle: discovery of a 1975 article in the journal The Lancet, entitled “Cumulative Effect of Concussion.” Historically, The Lancet is rivaled only by the Journal of the American Medical Association as the most widely quoted source in all of clinical literature. It does not seem credible that such findings could have escaped the close attention of the NFL’s Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee. Continue reading

Juan Nicasio Injury

On Friday night Juan Nicasio, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies was drilled in the head by a line drive.  In the immediate aftermath, and before I broke down the video, I was wondering why with the mechanism of injury they were so concerned with the neck.  Before I go on, there are protocols that all emergency medical providers must follow in regards to head injuries.  The most paramount of that being that if there is a head injury we should ALWAYS suspect a neck injury.  That protocol was mainly put in place for those that do not see the injury occur and cannot identify the mechanism of injury.  When dealing with head injuries as an athletic trainer it is a rare occurrence that a player would be c-collared and spine boarded; this is because we usually see the injury happen and understanding how physics act upon an injured part helps us make that decision.

In my experience I have spine boarded about 8 athletes and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them had Continue reading

Interesting Side Effect Of Concussions In NFL

With the continued focus on the concussion issue throughout the sporting world the major focus is without a doubt on the National Football League.  What should merely be an injury issue all of its own may now be harboring a  troubling side, “damaged goods”.  Eric Ball of Bleacher Report has opined about such a case in the League, Clinton Portis;

Sure Portis isn’t half the back he once was when he rushed for 1,591 yards and 14 TDs in 2003, but there is still gas left in the tank. He has been dealing with concussion issues for the better part of the past two seasons at the worst possible time. Nobody ever really cared about concussions before the New York Times began to do some investigative reporting into the matter. Now it’s one of the top priorities of the league. Portis would have missed half the time he did in 2010 if the concussion controversy hadn’t erupted.

Perhaps in the past teams either didn’t know of previous head injuries or looked the other way; there were surely players in the past that have dealt with repeated issues as they relate to concussions and were signed (Troy Aikman and Steve Young come to mind).  The concussion issue is just an injury and should be treated no different from Continue reading

Great Resource About Concussion Myths

Matt Chaney has been busy this summer with work, but he found some time to forward a bunch of links regarding concussions.  There were a lot dealing with the state laws and the mandates now in place across the sporting landscape, all with very valid opinions.  Some dealt with his area of expertise, steroid and PED detection.  However there was one that I must share with you; a link to a NASP Communique (National Association of School Psychologists)

The link was very resourceful but the gem was the attached .pdf that dealt with the myths we commonly hear with concussions.  Due to the rudeness of ripping off all the information below you will see the myths they took on, and for the actual facts please click on the .pdf link above;

Identifying Concussions

  • Professionals agree on the definition of a concussion.
  • A more accurate term for concussion is a head injury rather than a brain injury. Continue reading

MLB Concussion Update #6

Again within 5 days there has been another concussion in the Majors.  This time the incident was due to a pitch to the helmet, the victim was David Freese of the St. Louis Cardinals.  Although Freese has not been officially put on the 7-day DL, the reports at that he sustained a concussion (although they called it a “mild” concussion, when are they going to stop with that terminology?).

SB Nation has the report on this incident including the video of the pitch/incident.  If Freese goes on the 7-day DL, or is listed with a concussion he will become the eighth player with such a distinction; Continue reading

Matt Chaney’s Take on NFL “Testing”

This blog is devoted to concussions, but there are issues out there that most want to know about.  One being the steroid/HGH issue in sports, heck it was all the talk today prior to the CBA being ratified.  Matt Chaney might be one of the best sources on the subject you have never heard of.  Matt has his own blog but has been busy working at a location where he is unable to blog as often as he likes.  Today he sent over a post that will be on his blog soon but for now we will post it here.  Matt plans on revising some of this with further sourcing and information, but if you are interested in the NFL drug testing issue he is a great source of information.

NFLPA Must Resist Unvalidated Blood Testing for HGH

I. Introduction

I am Matt Chaney, a Missouri-based writer with over 20,000 hours of study and writing in the issue of anabolic substances in American football. My expertise is rooted in my experience of reluctantly using synthetic testosterone as an NCAA football player in 1982, and I authored the 2009 book Spiral of Denial: Muscle Doping in American Football.

My persuasion here is to detail primary reasons why the National Football League Players Association must resist blood testing that remains unavailable for independent scientific review. Never have I advocated the use of muscle drugs in any sport, but I am strictly opposed to faulty detection methods—such as the invalid, unreliable urinalysis that American football has employed since 1986.

Testing for anabolic steroids—established by the International Olympic Committee in 1976 and adopted by National Football League commissioner Continue reading

Athletic Trainers Need to Exude This…

Promote The Profession is a blog that highlights the athletic trainer and our career.  Paul LaDuke Jr., authors the blog and does great work there and on the BOC Blog.

Exude by definition is to exhibit an abundance of.  There is a lot of information that an athletic trainer must know and does know, heck we spend a lot of time and resources on doing just that, learning.  However, Paul LaDuke has pointed out something that our profession needs to exude; interpersonal relationships.

Relationships are the most important public service that an AT offers to the populations that we treat.

My man LaDuke is right, and his post exposes something we all need to be aware of.  I can tell you from personal experience Continue reading

Remember Chris Horner?

If you recall during the Tour de France there was a couple of bike wrecks that ended cyclists run at the Yellow Jersey.  One in particular involved Chris Horner, he was caught on video after the stage with obvious signs of a head injury/concussion.  Hearing that he wanted to continue was not a surprise, as most athletes will do anything to keep on going, what has since become clear via his own writing/blog is how bad he was;

The first thing I remember following my crash on Stage 7 of the Tour de France was sitting in the hospital bed talking to the team doctor. The only problem was, it was the NEXT morning! I was mid-sentence in my conversation with Dag when I finally became conscious of where I was and what was going on. Before that, whatever conversation we’d had, whether it was after the race, on the way to the hospital, or even in the hospital, I don’t remember having. Who Dag was talking to all that time, I don’t really know, but he said the guy sounded and acted just like me, strangely enough!

As you read through the story you will find that he was hurt Continue reading

Pioneer Moving On

There is one person in the media that can be classified as the pioneer of “concussion coverage”, his name is Alan Schwarz.  Since roughly the mid-2000’s Schwarz has been on the beat of national stories involving concussions.  He was recently nominated for a Pulitzer for his work in the area and now he has moved on.  According to Irv Muchnick, Schwarz’s title has changed to “national education reporter.”

I echo the sentiments of Muchnick; Schwarz opened up the national dialogue on concussions, he is one of the main reasons people have begun to pay attention.  Just think without him and the New York Times we may have never heard about Chris Nowinski, Bennet Omalu, the Boston University Brain Bank, etc.  No matter where anyone stands on the current protocols/research/assessment for concussions, A LOT of this discussion should be attributed to Alan Schwarz.

To be honest it was a huge “bucket list” goal that I was quoted in a Schwarz article Continue reading

MLB Concussion Update #5

That was quick…  A day after our last update, where Craig Gentry of the Rangers was the sixth player to the 7-day DL, Matt Treanor has sustained a concussion;

In the sixth Royals’ catcher Matt Treanor left with a concussion after tagging out Matt LaPorta trying to score. LaPorta showed some class after the game. “I hope he’s OK,” said LaPorta, who called the Royals clubhouse to check on Treanor, who had been taken to a hospital for a CT scan and will be placed on the seven-day concussion list.

Treanor is the 7th player on the 7-day DL; Continue reading

Muchnick’s 5 Key’s To NFL Concussions

Irvin Muchnick is a writer and investigative journalist who previously mainly focused on the WWE.  Muchnick has changed gears a bit and started Concussion Inc, a website focusing on the head injury issue.

Irv posted, via Beyond Chron, today on his five keys to the upcoming NFL season; as it relates to concussions;

1. New levels of reporting

Like sex crimes, concussions are no longer a dirty secret. The lion’s share of the credit for this goes to Chris Nowinski of the Sports Legacy Institute and Alan Schwarz of the New York Times. This year will feature the stories of players who resist rushing back to action after head injuries. How that shakes out in public perception and for their careers is worth a closer look than how close Asomugha creeps to the line of scrimmage on “bump-and-run” coverage.

And So It Has Begun

The Concussion Blog Original, NFL Concussion Report, is a weekly compiling of the reported head injuries in the National Football League.  Concussions are added to the list each week from multiple sources to give you the reader a picture of what is happening on the field.  Each week we will bring you the list of players along with relevant statistics.  If we have missed a concussion or put one on here erroneously, let us know.

With the NFL back, and full practices beginning, it is time to begin our EXCLUSIVE head injury/concussion tracking for the NFL.  Our listing last year was the first of its kind (minus what the NFL has on file but will not release), this year with more people willing to help (you too can help) the hope is to make The Concussion Blog NFL Concussion Update even better.

Let this be the Official Invitation to all the readers out there to lend a helping hand.  It is rather simple and will take little time/effort on your part, and I will greatly appreciate the help.  Here is how you can help; Continue reading