NFL Concussion Update Preseason Week 2

Half way through the preseason and there have been just as many reported concussions as there was all preseason and week one last year.  The count is 24, but not to worry as the increase, in my opinion, is mainly due to the increased awareness of the writers/journalists covering the teams.

I feel a lot has changed in this area, previously when a player was sidelined with a head injury it was rarely reported by the press.  Now if a player exhibits any signs of a concussion there is an immediate question and a better lead for people who look into that sort of thing; along with that is the heightened focus on the head due to rule enforcement and possible fines being levied.

It is good the awareness is getting out there, but I think one more place needs the proper education.  Announcers, as highlighted by the post by Sporting Jules, would do well with the proper information.  On Sunday Night Football I heard Chris Collinsworth mention a concussion as being “a little dingy”.  No, that is not what a concussion is; a concussion is a brain injury, Chris.  I fully understand that announcers are not doctors, I am not asking them to be, rather I would like them to say the correct information when addressing the injury.  Honestly, it is not that hard – except for the former players who have the stigma ingrained in their DNA – to give the quick facts to the audience when a player may be seen getting tested on the sideline, or they have exhibited overt signs like Stuart Bradley last year.

Here are some quick hits from the 24 so far;

  • 12 concussions/head injuries per week
  • Of the 14 ID’ed helmets the breakdown is (Riddell Revo Speed – 6, Schutt AiRXP – 3, Riddell VSR4 – 2, Riddell Revolution – 2, Schutt AiR – 1)
  • Concussions by position have been slanted to the running back (RB – 7, WR/DB/TE/LB – 3, QB/DL – 2, OL – 1)

Thoughts on the third point above, concussions by position, there has been more running in the preseason then we might see during a regular season game, the exposure rate for that position is higher at this point.  I hypothesize that once regular season begins we will again see the WR/DB positions dominate like last year.  As for special teams, I have only know of one, as seen below;

These injuries are hard to find, thanks to @ganglion11 for spotting that one.

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